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22-02-2024IIT Jodhpur Researchers Develop the First “Make in India” Sensor
30-01-2024IIT Jodhpur celebrates the Alumni Day 2024 and Dashak - the Decennial reunion for the Class of 2014
30-01-2024IIT Jodhpur study finds low self-reporting for mental disorders in India
24-01-2024Cutting-edge Research from IIT Jodhpur may Revolutionize Future Road Transport
22-11-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur Awarded 800 Degrees & 20 Diploma/Certificates to the class of 2023 during its 9th Convocation
06-11-2023Press Release IIT Jodhpur researchers find an automated detection method for Hypertensive Retinopathy
13-10-2023IIT Jodhpur invites applications for PhD programs in various disciplines
05-10-2023Press Release - PM dedicates IIT Jodhpur campus to the Nation
02-10-2023Press Release - Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to dedicate IIT Jodhpur to the Nation on 5th October 2023
26-09-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers design electrocatalysts for the synthesis of Next-generation Alternative Fuel - Green Ammonia
18-09-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop Antimicrobial, Wound Healing, and Disinfectant Peptide from Snake Venom
04-09-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop Novel Cold-Plasma Detergent in Environment (CODE) Device for good Indoor Air Quality
21-08-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur’s Inter-disciplinary Research Platform (IDRP) conducts workshop on Internet of Things and Applications
19-08-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur hosts G20-CSAR, Chief Science Adviser’s Roundtable on Social Inclusion and Diversity
03-08-2023 Press Release - Nation’s First MeitY chair to be set up at IIT Jodhpur
02-08-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur showcases Technologies and Innovations with Societal Impact on first day of the Foundation Day Celebration
01-08-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur commemorates the crystal year with Research and Innovation excellence on the academic landscape
31-07-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur conducts Biodesign Bootcamp jointly with Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, AIIMS Jodhpur and JCKIF.
25-08-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur conducts Workshop on ‘Implementation of NEP’
24-07-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur study proposes crowdsourced bird data as an important tool to define four ecoregions in Thar Desert
21-08-2023Press Release - Interdisciplinary R_D future is here at IIT Jodhpur
12-07-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur and Zoological Survey of India join hands to facilitate collaborative research on zoological interest, environment, and climate change
07-07-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop bio-jet-fuel from waste biomass
30-06-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur and KRI Trust join hands to launch a Career Guidance and Career Assessment Programme for B.Tech. students in the campus
30-05-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur starts a specialized MBA program (online) in FinTech and Cyber Security for Working Professionals
22-05-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers propose offshore wind farms as additional coolant power sources to enhance seismic resilience of nuclear power plants
13-05-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur inaugurates AyurTech, the Center of Excellence (CoE) sponsored by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India
05-05-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur introduces XR Design A Master_s in Design (MDes) Program that Prepares Students to Contribute to a Five Trillion Dollar Opportunity
28-04-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur research findings analyze security in data transmission through PLC for IoT applications
24-04-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers analyses the effect of helical coil orientation on flow boiling process
17-04-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers propose a solution of Electric Vehicle Speed Oscillations due to Uneven Drive Surfaces using advanced control techniques
10-04-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur JCKIF organize the conference ‘Entrepreneurship as a Social Movement’ at IIT Jodhpur campus
29-03-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researcher creates a cost-effective sensor for detecting fruit ripeness
21-03-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur signs MoU with University at Buffalo on “IIT-UB joint Center of Excellence in “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science”
16-03-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur celebrates 15 years of achievements in Academia and Research with Inauguration of IITJ@15
09-03-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur organizes Hult Prize Competition to identify and support innovative social entrepreneurs
27-02-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur hosts first Indian conference on Medical Technologies Innovations (ICMI 2023) jointly with AIIMS Jodhpur
08-02-2023Press Release_IIT Jodhpur to host CSR Representatives, PAN-IIT Alumni, Corporates, Foundations and Well-wishers at Friends of IIT Jodhpur Conclave
06-02-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur celebrates Third Industry Day 2023 to establish links between industries and academic research programs
30-01-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur concludes NAiBS-2023 “Next-gen AI Inspiration from Brain Science” international conference
27-01-2023 Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop a two-step approach for textile industry-based wastewater recovery
13-01-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship invites application for MBA program leading to MBA and MBA-Technology degrees
03-01-2023Press Release - IIT Jodhpur establishes Rishabh Centre for Research and Innovation in Clean Energy
19-12-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur conducts IUMRS-ICA International Conference 2022 in collaboration with Materials Research Society of India
16-12-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur hosts National Conference on Energy Materials and Devices (E-MAD 2022)
13-12-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur organizes 37th National Symposium on Plasma Science _ Technology
09-12-2022Press Release - A Unique Stackable Executive Education Program Model for working professionals by IIT Jodhpur
28-11-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop catalytic materials to produce high purity hydrogen
21-11-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers develop self-cleaning coating for easy maintenance of solar panels
08-11-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researcher_s study reveals the cost of hospitalisation under public and private sector
21-10-2022Press Release - DRDO sets up DRDO-Industry-Academia Centre of Excellence at IIT Jodhpur
19-11-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur collaborates with industry partner to make Petroleum and Oil Refining in Petroleum and Allied Industries more Efficient
12-10-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researcher design robotic trainers for lower limb rehabilitation
06-10-2022Press Release - Language diversity at IIT Jodhpur
03-10-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur’s School of Liberal Arts launches Centre of Excellence on Arts and Digital Immersion
30-09-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur_s Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department is the first of its kind in all IITs
24-09-2022Press Release - Hon’ble Union Minister of Jal Sakthi inaugurates Centre for Sustainable Drinking Water, Phygital Craft Museum and Craft Exhibition at IIT Jodhpur organized in collaboration with JCKIF
21-09-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur launches two new 4-year B.S. Programs to make students future ready
19-09-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur successfully organizes 4-day long INAE Youth Conclave 2022
15-09-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur scientist analyses the explainability of black-box machine learning models
01-09-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur led multi-institutional team finds effective fluorescent probe for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
22-08-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers discover unknown factors responsible for the virulence of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria that cause infections in hospitals
16-08-2022Press Release - IIIT Jodhpur collaboratively develops a novel framework to enhance the performance of Internet of Things (IoT) systems
08-08-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researcher explores solution for ethical and social concerns related to online learning in the higher education sector of India
03-08-2022Press Release - Novel CODE Device for Indoor Air Quality launched during the 15th Foundation Day of IIT Jodhpur
11-07-2022Press Release_Multi-Institutional Team led by IIT Jodhpur
04-07-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researcher investigates Blended Learning Framework Using Flipped Teaching
27-06-2022Press Release_Unique course pedagogy and Industry-oriented Curriculum Helping IIT Jodhpur to achieve record Campus Placements for 2021-22
20-06-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur Researchers Develop Indigenous Metal 3D Printer for Aerospace, Defence, and General Engineering Applications
13-06-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur offers MedTech programs in collaboration with AIIMS Jodhpur_ A unique platform integrating technology and medicine
10-06-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur, in collaboration with WhizHack Technologies, inaugurates Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Cyber-Physical Systems Security
08-06-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur starts new MTech program in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
30-05-2022Press Release - Researchers from IIT Jodhpur and Western Michigan University, USA develop early warning system for neonatal and infant mortality using ML techniques
28-04-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur Researchers Propose AI Algorithm to Detect Cataracts via Near-infrared Eye Images
16-03-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur opens Research Centre for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an incurable and rare genetic disorder
07-03-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur, Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Foundation, and Rajasthan Govt. ink MoU for Joint Venture on AIOT System _ Technology Development
27-02-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur uses inherent expertise in multidisciplinary areas in minimising the risk of COVID-19 in the community
25-02-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur establishes Centre for Mathematical and Computational Economics, the first academic unit in India that focuses on AI applications to economics
15-02-2022NEWS PITCH - Campus RAKSHAK - A Collaborative Research by IIT Jodhpur to contain the spread of COVID-19
10-02-2022Press Release - Multi-institutional Team, co-led by IIT Jodhpur researcher, Identifies COVID-19 RNA variations and their implications
31-01-2022Press Release - IIT Jodhpur inaugurates ‘Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy’ in collaboration with Rajasthan Solar Association
19-12-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur celebrates 7th Convocation with total 404 Graduating Students
29-11-2021Press Release - Innovators from IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur develop ‘Talking Gloves’ for Differently-abled Individuals
13-11-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur awarded 516 degrees in various academic programs in its 8th Convocation
02-11-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur set for another year of Strong Placements in 2021-22
26-10-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur leaps in smart and digital infrastructure by introducing a unique B. Tech program in Civil _ Infrastructure Engineering
22-10-2021IIT Jodhpur organises International Conference on Quantum Information and Computation- From Foundations to Applications -2021 (QFA-2021)
20-10-2021Press Release - Undergraduate Programs at IIT Jodhpur- A unique pathway for Technocrats of the 21st century
27-09-2021Press Release - Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu to inaugurate Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster at IIT Jodhpur
21-09-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur researchers use plants to generate electricity from wastewater in microbial fuel cells
07-09-2021IIT Jodhpur launches Thar DESIGNS to conserve and restore the Thar Desert
17-08-2021Press Release - IIIT Jodhpur researchers make Blockchain protocol more efficient for IoT Applications
02-08-2021Press Release - Centre for Muscular Dystrophy inaugurated at IIT Jodhpur on its 14th Foundation Day
26-07-2021Press Release - IIT Jodhpur offers Eight unique Multidisciplinary B. Tech. programs that go beyond traditional boundaries to meet the emerging demands for ‘Global Engineers’