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Society for Alumni Affairs (SAA)


Alumni form an integral part of an institution since it is the reflection of the core values and principles of the alma mater to the corporate and academic network. Also, it acts as a mirror of the world beyond for the incumbent students. Therefore, the vision of SAA is to create a strong connection between the students and the alumni to foster deep relationships.

Our Alumni community is an indispensable asset to the institute and has immense potential to contribute towards the betterment of the Institute and its students. Their knowledge and experience can prove to be extremely valuable to our student community as a whole, while Alumni-led initiatives will benefit the Institute in the longer run. Hence the objective of the SAA is to establish active connections with IIT alumni through student-led activities for the betterment of the student and Alumni community.


IIT Jodhpur prides itself as being one of the next generation IITs that immensely promote entrepreneurship. One of the key objectives of SAA would also be to provide a platform for the budding entrepreneurs to gain guidance from industry practitioners. This could be achieved through conducting regular talks and informal meets. Some of the other ways to initiate a network would be to organize high tea and dinners with the alumni that can also work for them as a way to reconnect with their college buddies and reminisce about the good old days. We seek to create an ever-lasting footprint of IIT Jodhpur that remains etched in the minds of every industry stalwart.


Email: saa@iitj.ac.in

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