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Board of Academic Interaction

Academics are a crucial part of every student’s life at the Institute. The Board of Academic Interaction not only facilitates a better understanding of the existing programs and possible opportunities at various stages of their academic journey at IIT Jodhpur, but also allows the students to actively participate and contribute to the formulation of new opportunities, courses and programs as well as suggest changes to existing programs and courses.

The Board acts as the interface between the Institute and its students by enhancing the students’ understanding of the various opportunities offered by the Institute via open-house sessions as well as provide the students with a platform to put forth their ideas, concerns and suggestions regarding the academic policies and programs at IIT Jodhpur via a team of elected student representatives who ensure that the student community is well-represented with regard to academic programs, curricula, teaching, and infrastructure. 


Contact Details: bai@iitj.ac.in

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