Startup Interface program at ICVGIP 2020

ICVGIP 2020 is providing an opportunity for participants a unique opportunity to get connected to startups in the areas of ICVGP and also to the VC/Angel investors.

Who should Attend Startup Interface Program?

  1. Founders/ Entrepreneurs
  2. Startup Employee
  3. Marketers/Managers/Owners/Directors
  4. VCs and Angel Investors
  5. Business Consultants
  6. Students

What to Expect?

You can expect highly knowledgeable sessions from hand-picked innovative startups, the session will cover the discussions on various technological innovations used by these startups to solve some real world problem. You will be able to learn about the latest tech trends in different regions while being able to access a top-class network of changemakers.

Startup session: Four talks by startups and one talk by VC/Angel investors.

List of Startups and VC/Angel Investor Presentations:
  1. Awiros -
  2. Holokitab -
  3. SnapTrude -
  4. Testaing -
  5. VC/Angel Investor – Sandro Stephen, Indian Angel Network

Come join us at ICVGIP 2020 for looking into finding entrepreneur skills and discussion platforms to become future startup giants