About the RTDD 2022

IIT Jodhpur, an institute of national importance, located at Jodhpur Rajasthan is hosting RTDD 2022 on 04-06, March 2022. The conference has three different objectives

  1. To bring together faculty and students involved working in RuTAG from across India to come and share their interventions on the field.

  2. To demonstrate solutions to local region specific, ecosystem specific, as well as climate specific challenges with use of appropriate technology.

  3. To also enable awareness of integrated solution frameworks for demand driven problems, with the emergence of know-how such as modeling, automation and digitization coming into perspective.
The international conference RTDD 2022 will focus and deliberate on different domains of rural technology as enumerated below including design and development of on-farm and non-farm technologies which have much required scientific temperament towards solving site specific demand driven rural problems. The duration of the RTDD 2022 Conference will be two and half days (starting the morning of 4 March 2022 and finishing in the afternoon of 6 March 2022) conducted through evenings. There are six thematic segments to the conference are:

Themes Subtheme
Rural Environment Waste management
Technologies for Sanitation
Energy the Biological way
Rural Education Participatory Technological Outreach
Communication Technologies
Health: Physical and Mental
Service Learning Approaches
Technology Intervention for Rural Livelihood Craft, Pottery, including Folk lore and Musical instrumentation
Automation and Mechanization
Food Processing and Management
Archiving, Preservation and Analysis
Water Management and Agriculture Technology for Small farms Technologies for Management of Water
Small farm Technologies
Agriculture Waste Management Technology
Landscape specific problem interventions
Policy Interventions
Energy or Power interventions for Rural Areas Farm Power
Animal Power
Renewable Approaches
Policy Interventions
Digitization for Rural Areas Supply Chain Management for Rural Sector
Resource Mapping for villages

Each session will consist of 6 talks of 10 minutes each followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Therefore, each session will take about 2 hours 40 minutes. Therefore, a total of 36 papers will be shortlisted for presentation and the 12 posters.

Each 10 min presentation has to be specifically aligned to the technological or scientific or socially relevant intervention for each theme. The audience will be students, faculty, NGOs, PSU personnel, corporate representatives working in academic, governmental, rural and industrial sectors. The talk should discuss research work, and address how the technology will enable solutions to the said rural problem. An abstract of 200 words should be communicated for review and selection.

RuTAG conferences are very well respected in the area of S&T, all submitted papers in this conference will undergo a peer-review process. Accepted papers will be presented and published in the form of proceedings or journal papers in renowned science and technology journals.

The number of participants should be about 80; this includes about 50 young Engineers as speakers, participants and organizers, and 30 practicing professor, scientists, NGO members as audience.

Date and Venue
The RTDD 022 will be held during 04-06, March 2022. The hybrid event will be held at IIT Jodhpur.