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Mahindra Research Valley (MRV), Chennai, commends IIT Jodhpur students during Industry Immersion Program (IIP)

Three B.Tech. Students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajendra Manda, Tejas Gattani and Nakka Sanket Gangadhar were recognized for their excellent performance during Industry Immersion Program (IIP) at Mahindra Research Valley (MRV), Chennai.
The projects involved Modeling, Simulation, Control, Optimization of Vehicle Ride, Experimental Study of Ride Comfort, and Head Toss measurements of Seated Occupants on TUV300 using Four-Poster Test Rig. These activities were carried out under the mentorship of Dr. Divyanshu Joshi, Lead Engineer, Mahindra Research Valley, Chennai. In a short span of 8 weeks, Head Toss measurement along with the Ride Model Development was carried out. The work was appreciated for innovative thinking and implementation of academic knowledge in the industrial domain.
The team received a spot award of Rs. 5000 along with an appreciation letter from Mr. Prahalada Rao, Senior Vice President, Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment, Chennai.

Congratulations to the team!

From Left: Nakka Sanket Gangadhar, Tejas Gattani, Prahalada Rao, Rajendra Manda and Divyanshu Joshi