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JEE Helpdesk for Prospective Female Students

Congratulations on your hard-earned success in the prestigious JEE (Advanced) 2018 examination! This has opened up for you the possibility of a seat in the UG program at one of the IITs, India's premier and world-renowned engineering institutions. If you are offered a seat, it is the best stepping-stone to a rewarding career!
In case you have questions about what it is like to be a bright young female student in an IIT, it will be reassuring for you to discuss with a senior female student at an IIT. If you have query, please send an email to jeew.helpdesk@iitj.ac.in with the following details:
 1.  Your name and your phone number and
 2.  Your query.
 The Institute will arrange for the Member to respond to your query at the earliest. Alternatively, you may contact the members of JEE helpdesk at (91 291) 280 1154 in the regular working hours.
Why to choose IIT Jodhpur?
In general, every institution is different and these are built upon diverse vision-mission statements, core values and philosophies. If you know how to tell them apart, it will be much easier to identify the factors that make an institution suited to you. Therefore, we encourage all rank holders and their parents/guardians, to go through IIT Jodhpur profile at JOSAA portal to know about the unique features and merits of studying at IIT Jodhpur.
Disclaimer: Taking advice from this helpdesk is entirely voluntary. The advice is only for your information; the decision on which choices to fill is entirely yours. Whether or not you are offered a seat will depend on your choice list and your rank in the merit list as per the Seat Allotment Business Rules.




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