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Office of Infrastructure
The Office of Infrastructure facilitates the following:
 1.  Development of Permanent Campus
 2.  Caretaking & Housekeeping
  a.  Tendering Services and timely renewal/retender of Housekeeping and Janitorial Services;
  b. Locking rooms; and
  c. Upkeep & Maintenance of Academic & Administrative Facilities (including daily cleaning).
 3. Transit Hostel
  a. Operation & upkeep of Transit Hostel (including front offices service);
  b. Coordination of Guest Arrival and Departure; and
  c. Housekeeping and Food service.
  d. Academic discipline & academic integrity;
 4.  Transport Services
  a. Tendering Services and timely renewal/retender of Transport Services;
  b. Management, Maintenance & Operation of the Institute’s Transport Fleet;
  c. Arrangement of public transport services; and
  d. Air Ticket and Hotel booking.
 5. Medical Servcies
  a. Tendering Services and timely renewal/retender of Medical Services;
  b. Outpatient Medical Services & referral of students and employees for Hospitalization to Hospitals in City;
  c. Water Quality Monitoring; and
  d. Campus cleanliness and sanitation.



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