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Office of Establishment
The Office of Establishment facilitates the following:
(a)  General Administration & Discipline
  1.  Formulation of Policies for non-academic Staff Members;
  2. Human resource management including training of Staff Members;
  3. Performance appraisal of Staff Members;
  4. Instituting procedures for efficiency enhancement;
  5. Leave Management;
  6. Preparation of an Administrative Manual and ensuring its implementation;
  7. Welfare, health and safety of Staff Members; and
  8. Celebration of National Events.
(b) Employee Service Matters
  1. Service matters of non-academic Staff Members relating to appointments, promotions, transfers, terminations, etc.;
  2. Maintenance of personal history records of non-academic Staff Members;
  3. Deal with matters relating to Staff Member entitlements (such as advances of various types);
  4. Maintain & update General Service & Conduct Rules;
  5. Advise & mentor non-academic Staff Members;
  6. Receipt & Issue of Mail;
  7. General Matters;
  8. House building & Conveyance Advances; and
  9. Group Insurance & Other Employee welfare schemes.
(c) Faculty Member Matters
  1. Welfare;
  2. Training & development;
  3. Discipline;
  4. Performance Appraisal;
  5. Grant of medium- & short-term leaves; and
  6. Nominations for attending seminars & conferences, etc. (including travel grants).



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