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Temporary Campuses

At present, IIT Jodhpur operates from two sets of temporary campuses, namely:
1. Temporary Academic Campus: It operates independently from the premises of MBM Engineering College in Jodhpur, situated on the Old Residency Road, Ratanada, at a distance of about 4 km from the Jodhpur Railway Station and 3 kms from the Jodhpur Airport.
2. Temporary Residential Campuses: IIT Jodhpur has two residential campuses located at (1) GPRA Residential Campus, Pali Road Jodhpur, and (2) BSNL Residential Campus, Subhash Nagar, Jodhpur. GPRA Campus is located at New Pali Road, about 17 kms from the academic campus and provides accommodation to nearly 600 B.Tech. boy and all girl students. Also, it provides accommodation to nearly 150 other members of IIT community, including Faculty Members, Staff Members, and their family members. On the other hand, BSNL Campus is located in the heart of the city and provides accommodation to nearly 150 male M.Tech. and Ph.D. students. Limited housing is available on this campus for married students.



Currently, the academic campus of IIT Jodhpur comprises of three blocks, namely:
 (i) Academic Block 1: It houses several laboratories, the library, a computer center and offices of some Faculty Members.
(ii) Academic Block 2: It comprises of lecture halls, classrooms, language lab and multimedia lab.
(iii) Administrative Block: It comprises the Directorate, administrative offices, technical laboratories and offices of some Faculty Members.
In addition, the academic campus consists of some temporary structures used for different purposes such as laboratories and office spaces. IIT Jodhpur has established good academic facilities for teaching and research. The Institute has well equipped Laboratories and a Library.
1.1  Laboratories and Research Facilities
  IIT Jodhpur has established state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories. These advanced laboratories have machinery and devices of international standard, which are actively used in research. The major laboratories include Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Electronic Circuit Laboratory, Robotics, Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory and Solar Radiation.

1.2 Library
  The Library has a collection of about 10,000 volumes of books comprising of textbooks, research and reference books, monographs etc. In addition, the Library provides access to a range of electronic resources from professional and scholarly societies and publishers, such as American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and Association for Computing Machinery. Also, it subscribes to popular scientific, research and archival databases, like SciFinder, MathSciNet, JStor, Prowess, and EBSCO Academic Search.
  The Library operates in a computerized environment with automated member & circulation services, and digital library services. Memberships, circulation, reference & information service, inter library loans & document lending services, current awareness service, digital library service are some of the important services that are presently offered. The Library is open from 9 am to 6 pm on all working days of the Institute. Visit library.iitj.ac.in for more information.
2.1 GPRA Residential Campus
  The major residential area is in a scenic campus located on New Pali Road, Vivek Vihar, Jodhpur, about 20 kms from the railway station. The campus is well guarded and equipped with basic amenities including Wi-Fi, recreational rooms and a computer center. Also, the residential campus provides accommodation for Faculty Members and Staff Members of the Institute. Transport facility is available between the Institute and Residential campus.

2.2 BSNL Residential Campus
  The second residential campus is located in BSNL Colony on Pal Link Road in Subhash Nagar. Basic common facilities are available at BSNL colony. Transport facility is available between the Institute and BSNL Campus. All male M.Tech. and Ph.D. and some married students are given accommodation in this residential campus.

2.3 Facilities
  Following are some basic facilities made available in the residential areas:
(a) ATM & Bank: The residential area has a branch of SBI (State Bank of India) as well as an ATM of SBI, enabling students to make transactions with ease. There are several other banks namely UCO, HDFC and SBBJ close to the academic area.
(b) Canteen: There are two sets of canteens, one at Residential Campus and the other one in Academic Campus. They provide hygienic food, fresh juices and various other snacks for the students.
(c) Gymnasium: A well-equipped gymnasium is present in the Residential Campuses, operational during 5 am to 10 pm. Students can avail these facilities to stay healthy and to maintain his/her physique.
(d) Dining Facility: There are two sets of Dining Facilities, one in the Residential Campuses and the other one in the Academic Campus. The mess offers good quality food, regularly monitored by the Wardens for hygiene and nutritional values, and provided at affordable cost.
(e) Shops: Shops catering to the various primary needs of students are present near the Academic Campus. A small outlet is functional inside GPRA campus for urgent petty purchases.
(f) Transport Services: The Institute has a bus service running between the Residential and Academic Campuses at regular intervals, exclusively for the Students of the Institute.
(g) Entertainment Room: Every hostel consists of recreation facilities (like TV Rooms, where students can enjoy matches and watch movies) along with indoor games (like table tennis and carroms).

2.4 Medical Services
  Both the Residential Campuses have Health Centers for providing routine health services. Due to geographical locations of the two Campuses and the type of the residents, Health Center at GPRA Campus provides services to the patients round the clock , while medical services are available at BSNL Campus for limited hours in the evening, typically from 5 pm to 10 pm. In addition to the availability of medical services at Residential Campuses, medical assistance is available at Academic Campus. This assistance is normally provided from 3 pm to 4.30 pm, when laboratory sessions are in full swing and medical assistance may be required. The Institute has its ambulance services available round-the-clock.
  Besides the Health Centers, the Institute has empanelled five hospitals in the city of Jodhpur. Two of these hospitals have specializations in ophthalmology and one in orthopedic, and the remaining two hospitals are the best known general purpose hospitals in the city. For specialized medical attention doctors at our Health Centers refer patients to one of these hospitals. In addition to these five hospitals, the city has a Medical College and three hospitals run by Government of Rajasthan. Also, the city All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), which is nearly 12 km GPRA Campus and nearly 5 km from BSNL Campus. Also, the Institute has constituted a Medical Board consisting of Senior Doctors from the Medical College and the AIIMS; advice is taken for enhancement of medical services of the Health Centers and in critical medical cases. IIT Jodhpur has empanelled two hospitals in Jaipur. These two hospitals are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare, and patients can be referred to these hospitals as per the need of the treatment.



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