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Thrust Areas
  • IIT Jodhpur hosts a number of B.Tech. (Electrical, Mechanical, Bioengineering Computer Science & Engineering) and advanced M.Tech. & Ph.D.programmes related to Sensors and IOT, Cyber Physical System, Artificial Intelligence, Advance Manufacturing and Design, etc. with integrated entrepreneurial immersion opportunity. Hence IITJ-TISC is offering unique value proposition to support new age ventures and social inclusive start-ups, primarily those that enable scalable products and services for the small and medium enterprise segment.
  • TISC has all amenities related to many advanced engineering and science areas including Bio-Engineering, Information and Communication Technology(ICT), Micro and Nano Electronics, Smart Sensors Technology, Electricity, New and Renewable Energy, and Environmental sustainability, etc. and supporting entrepreneurs/startups/grassroot innovators for undertaking product development catering to the precise needs of Rajasthan in particular and country as a whole.
  • IITJ-TISC also supports innovative enterprises in the areas of health, agriculture and food processing technologies involving farmers leading to support social entrepreneurship.