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1. Twelve Weeks Pre-nurturing
  First two weeks: Online “Innovation readiness” program
  Four weeks: Roadmap: How do one Get there?
  Four weeks: Quicklooks Exercise
  Two weeks: Proof of Concept and Relevance Development
2. Open Houses
  IITJ TISC organizes open houses from time to time to provide an idea about the TISC and its different activities towards providing startup support.
3. Startup Fests
  IITJ TISC organizes startup fests from time to time to bring together the different ecosystem stakeholders for discussion and work to support startups.
4. Business Plan Competitions
  IITJ TISC organizes business plan competition to scout innovative startups or ideas in the identified sectors of IITJ TISC.
5. Ideathon
  IITJ TISC organizes Ideathon from time to time to provide innovative ideas to the student startups and also serve as a platform to emerge and guide startups to transform ideas into reality and scale them up in the incubator.
6. Sensitization Workshops
  IITJ TISC conducts a few entrepreneurship sensitization workshops/seminars. The objective of the workshops is to bring together different ecosystem stakeholders and brainstorm ways to nurture and support the startups. These workshops also include panel discussions to highlight the various issues, problems, solutions, events, or updates related to necessary aspects of entrepreneurship. Focused seminars are also organized to discuss or train on key aspects related to entrepreneurship or requirements specific to entrepreneurship or sector undertaken. Stakeholders from specific domains are invited as speakers and panel members for such workshops. Such workshops help in identifying early stage technologies which TISC evaluates based on their value proposition and market assessment. Based on the outcome, the selected technologies are nurtured under pre‐incubation program from which some of the technology leads are expected to mature and can find place for incubation at IITJ TISC.
7. Action Plan to meet Business Support Service
  TISC services and programs are designed to increase client’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what a Client Company/startup could achieve on its own. TISC action plan to meet business support are categorized as follows:
   i. Direct Business Development Assistance including finance, legal, business plan, etc.
   ii. Professional network and relationship support including enlisted qualified mentors, investors meet, etc.
   iii. Educational and training programs which include startathon, hackathon, boot camps, capacity building workshops, etc.
   iv. Facility based services including accelerator, growth camps, portfolio support, etc.
   v. Funding support which includes direct investment, demo day, pitching sessions with investors, investor meets, etc.