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Activities of the incubation unit

 A. Exclusive IIT Jodhpur entrepreneurship program

IITJ has developed a program with an aim to gain insights not available from traditional engineering education, such as, understanding and designing for end users, working in and managing interdisciplinary teams, communicating effectively, thinking critically, understanding business basics, and solving open-ended problems. Students may opt for Entrepreneurship as a part of the curriculum from the beginning of 8th Semester. A student would be required to complete a minimum of six months for Minor in Entrepreneurship. A student will earn 20 credits on successful completion of a minimum of six months of Entrepreneurship. The students would be exempted from the requirement of 10 open elective credits in lieu credit earned against Entrepreneurship, however, the remaining coursework is required to be completed by taking overload in the earlier semesters or can be completed after completion of Entrepreneurship. A student should have earned minimum required credits with at least 6 CGPA at the end of 7thsemester to opt for dual-degree M. Tech. Programme in entrepreneurship.

 B. School of Management and Entrepreneurship


IIT Jodhpur has created the first technology-based School of Management and Entrepreneurship in the state of Rajasthan and its key focus is tutoring for the startups on key managerial and entrepreneurship skills.

 C. Round the year Activities


(i). Open Houses

TISC is organizing open houses from time to time to provide its different activities towards startup support.

(ii). Startup Fests

            TISC is organizing startup fests from time to time to bring together the different ecosystem stakeholders for discussion and work to support startups

(iii). Business Plan Competitions:

            TISC is organizing business plan competition from time to time to scout innovative startups or ideas in its identified sectors.

(iv). Ideathon:

            TISC is organizing Ideathon from time to time to provide innovative ideas to the student startups and also serving as a platform to emerge and guide startups to transform ideas into reality and scale them up in the incubator.

(vi). Sensitization Workshops/Seminars

TISC conducts entrepreneurship sensitizations workshops/Seminars to bring together different ecosystem stakeholders and brainstorm ways to nurture and support the startups. These also includes panel discussions to highlight the various issues, problems, solutions, events, or updates relating to necessary aspect of entrepreneurship. Focussed seminars are also organized to discuss or train on key aspects related or specific requirement to entrepreneurship or sector undertaken. Based on the outcome, the selected technologies are nurtured under pre‐incubation program from which some of the technology leads are expected to mature and can find a place for incubation at TSIC.

(vii). Other Focussed Educational Programmes

  • Educational programmes may include hosted, on-site seminars, skill-based training programmes by internal and external experts on topics relevant to technology startups / MSMEs and incubators clients. The TISC-Coordination Committee will identify topics based on understanding of incubator client’s needs and may recommend to invite guest speakers with expertise in the relevant topics.


  • The key mid-term plans may include;


Business plan development

The incubatees will be given handholding by mentors and experts who would work closely with each of them in development of sound business plan ready to be rolled out as business venture

Business Coaching

Business coaching will be focused on

o   Strategy

o   Organization

o   Management

o   Financing

o   Technology Assessment and Commercialization


Based on the enterprise models developed by each incubatee during this period, the incubates will also be guided to complete the legal and statutory formalities for completion of legal business entity.


Startup Clinic

Successful startup expert will advise incubatees on product proposition. How to save time, effort and cost by pointing incubatee to choose the right direction.

Startup Kitchen

Pool of technical experts and mentors will be proposed to building ventures with an educational edge. It would help incubatees to learn the job one love, can discover his/her talent.

While one’s idea blossom, the incubatee would also enjoy exclusive mentorship of the experienced experts. The key of this is that one is able to do things which they were not able to do before.


(viii). Annual educational seminar

TISC will host an annual educational seminar for area technologists to inform them about the challenges and rewards of technology commercialization, the process and costs associated with licensing technologies and area resources available to support those technology commercialize efforts.