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Cultural & Literary Society
Student Culture & Literary activities produce remarkable citizens of the country, and can nurture knowledgeable and skilled human beings, who have internalised:
(1) The diverse cultures of India with equal respect for all; and
(2)  The richness of traditional & modern literature of India with desire to share with others.
With this intent of promoting this spirit, Students Gymkhana of IIT Jodhpur provides to the campus community facilities for culture & literary activities. The Student Culture & Literary Society of IIT Jodhpur aims to inculcate this as essential part of every student's life.
This society deals with all the cultural and literary activities at the Institute level. It shall be headed by the Student Secretary (Cultural & Literary Society), and its membership consists of:
(i) Captains of all Institute Teams of the various Cultural and Literary activities; and
(ii)  Hostel Secretary (Cultural & Literary Society) of all the Hostels.
The Cultural & Literary Society of IIT Jodhpur Students Gymkhana formally adopts all Student Culture & Literary activities, which are included in the annual Inter-IIT level and other national level Students Culture & Literary Festivals. These include Student Music Activities, Student Dance Activities, Student Drama Activities, Student Film Activities, Student Literature Activities, Student Quiz Activities, Student Book Activities and Student Newsletter Activities as a Club each.

Contact details of the current Secretary, Cultural & Literary Society are:
 Chirayu Parashar
Secretary, Cultural & Literary Society

 eMail:  cls@iitj.ac.in 



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