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Counseling Service
The prime objective of the team is to organize the Orientation Programme. This is especially tailored to bring the freshers up to speed with life in Institute, while maintaining a homely feel, and gently enabling the transition into this Institute. The Counseling Service has been an integral part of the Institute since its inception. Every year, it strives hard to ensure that every student gets to know IITJ at its most intricate levels, and absorb all that the Institute has to offer. Further, the Counseling Service Team takes care of special language needs that some students might face during this time. It spares no effort in this, and work towards making this transition memorable throughout their lives.

The Counseling Service Team consists of a Faculty Advisor with 30 students (called Student Guides) bestowed to work for welfare of students. A Student Guide is the backbone of the team, with every guide taking 8-10 freshers under his/her vision and guidance. The Student Guide works towards helping the student adjusts well in the hostel and in his academic life. The Student Guide keeps in continuous touch with the student and his/her family. The team ensures that not only the student, but his/her parents too get the opportunity to interact with the Student Guide, to maintain a healthy relationship. As part of this Counseling, it is the duty of the team to promote development of the student in all three aspects, namely:
(1) Academics,
(2) Extra-Curricular, and
(3) Personal.
For this, there is voluntary and confidential counseling for a wide range of issues that include:
(a) Academic Support: Provides information about the different academic programs of the Institute, imparting efficient time management skills and study skills;
(b) Personal Support: Overcoming homesickness, adjustment to the new environment and related difficulties;
(c) Counseling Advocacy: Psycho-education and referral services to students;
(d) Institute Interface: Interaction with the Institute and the existing body of students; and
(e) Developing Talents: Encourages students to discover their extra-curricular interests/hobbies.

Also, the Counseling Service focuses on the concerns and difficulties of the students by providing personal guidance to deal with problems arising during their college tenure. The following activities are undertaken by the counseling services:
(1) Maintaining the Institute as a ragging free campus;
(2) Organizing Orientation Program for the fresher’s batch every academic session so as to get them acquainted with the culture of IIT Jodhpur;
(3) Organizing workshops related to:
  (a) Career counseling,
  (b) Stress management,
  (c) Time management,
  (d) Health care and hygiene,
  (e) Vocational training,
  (f) Relationship problems,
  (g) Cope with homesickness, and
  (h) Addiction and others;
(4) Conducting motivation talks by eminent speakers;
(5) Addressing the academic problems of the students by conducting:
  (a) English language sessions for students from non-English background; and
  (b) Basic IT skills sessions;
(6) Organizing Interaction building events among students of different batches, and Staff and Faculty Members; and
(7) Individually attending to problems of students with poor academic performance.




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