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The Institute extends two sets of Facilities through its Computer Center. These are:
(a) Networking Facilities
The components of the Gigabit Network are:
  1.  Gigabit Core switch;
  2.  Gigabit Network edge switch;
  3.  Wireless controller;
  4.  Wireless access points;
  5.  Firewall and web security device;
  6.  Internet access authentication server; and
  7.  WPA2 Enterprise security.
(b) Computing Facilities
The Computer Center provides computing facilities for Faculty and Staff members, and for Students to access internal resources, use application software and to access Internet. The following are the available facilities.
  1.  65 computer terminals running on Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems;
  2.  Access to IIT Jodhpur licensed software like Matlab, Mathematica, Cadence, Mentor-Graphics, Ansys, PSCAD, Solidworks, and orCad;
  3.  A 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi enabled in academic and residential campuses;
  4.  High-Performance Computing cluster for scientific research.
(c) Internet Access Facility
Internet can be accessed through the following proxy servers:
  1. ironport1.iitj.ac.in      Port 3128
  2. ironport2.iitj.ac.in      Port 3128
Users can access Internet without setting proxy. However, it is suggested to set proxy on your browser for better browsing speed. Click here for instructions to configure proxy server on your system.
(d) LDAP and Active Directory IDs
  The LDAP and Active Directory ID is used for accessing Online Academic Registration System (OARS), Home Space, Personal Web Page, Internet, WiFi, VPN, and for remotely accessing the Library subscribed electronic journals and databases.
  Users can change their password through the Central Authentication portal.
  Click Here to change your LDAP / Active Directory password.



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