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A number of laboratories have already been set up to carry out teaching and research. A state-of-the-art workshop facility with CNC milling, CNC turning machines, 3D printers (fused deposition modeling), welding and heat treatment facilities is already developed. Advanced flow measurement instruments such as Laser Doppler velocimetry, Hot wire anemometry, educational PIV, instrumented heat exchangers, solar radiation measurement station, solar flat plate collector, metallurgical microscopes, polishing machines, vibration shakers and machinery fault monitoring systems, universal testing machines, CAD software (such as CATIA, Solid works, Pro-E, and ANSYS) also are available. Controls, robotics and gait analysis labs can also be used (jointly with the electrical engineering department). The students shall also have an opportunity to work with the high performance computing facility.
The following laboratories are used for teaching and research purposes:
  1. Dynamics & Vibration Laboratory
  2. Renewable Energy Laboratory
  3. Solar Radiation Laboratory
  4. Material Testing & Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  5. Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer Laboratory
  6. High Temprature Solar Thermal Laboratory
  7. EM Energy Conversion Laboratory
  8. Central Workshop
  9. Advance Manufacturing Laboratory

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