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Biologically Inspired System Science (BISS)
Biologically Inspired System Science (BISS) is a stream initiated with the broad objective to design novel, adaptive and sustainable technological solutions inspired by biological systems and processes. The Institute recognises the need for a test-oriented singular education towards a creativity-oriented quality multidisciplinary education, thereby blur existing boundaries between biology and engineering.

B.Tech. (BISS) Program
The unique B.Tech. (BISS) Program in BISS provides students with basics of Biology and specialised study in one of the three engineering disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science & Engineering. This program includes courses on basic biology, advanced neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, computational biology and environmental science. This blend of exposure to engineering and biology provides students an opportunity to eventually consider pursuing careers in biologically inspired engineering. The 4-Year B.Tech. (BISS) Program emphasizes hands-on training and integration of techniques from biological sciences, physical sciences and engineering to address and solve multidisciplinary and integrated problems.
Convenor (Focus Group - BISS)

Meenu Chhabra
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada
Jodhpur 342011
eMail: meenuchhabra@iitj.ac.in, Phone: (91 291) 2449056







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