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Research work of Rakesh K Sharma has been selected for cover picture of recent issue of Chemcatchem.

The Cover shows the interface between the traditional and scientific applications of clay. In their Communication, V. K. Soni and R. K. Sharma show the smart utilization of clay as a heterogeneous catalyst by nanometal intercalation for the selective hydrogenation of squalene into squalane under solvent free conditions. Squalane is an important ingredient in the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. It has also been used as a model compound for the hydrocracking of crude and microalgae oil. Thus, a series of green catalysts have been prepared. The Pd-nanoparticles-intercalated clay with a dominating Pd(111) facet shows highest reactivity and selectivity. The catalyst is stable with very low Pd leaching and is recyclable without losing any significant catalytic activity.

Please click here for high resolution cover picture.


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