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Welcome to Department of Mathematics
Mathematics, being the basis of many disciplines, is a subject that evolves with time and create new theories and models to solve challenging problems of today. Since its inception, the department has been taking a leading role in developing new methods and models that can be used in diverse areas of computer science, engineering and basic sciences. The department has faculty with research interests in the areas of Mathematical Physics, Scientific Computation, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Topological Dynamics, Low Dimensional Chaos, Dynamical Systems, Renormalization in Low-dimensional dynamics, Wavelet Analysis, Fractional Transform Theory, Image Processing, Financial Risk Analysis, and Categorical Data Analysis.
We are excited to offer high-quality programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It runs a four year B.Tech. Program in System Science, a two-year M.Sc. program in Mathematics and Ph.D. Program with specialization in different areas of Mathematics.



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