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Welcome to Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences operates from spaces that give us an opportunity to act as an interface between empirical and experiential knowledge systems. Playing a significant role in the academic curriculum of the young engineers, we offer both core and elective courses at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels. The ability to provide tools and skills for specific aims notwithstanding, the essence of Humanities and Social Sciences involves the sensitizing of individuals. Acting as facilitators, thus, we engage in meaningful interactions with students and help them witness, study, and understand the interplays among technology, society, and humanity. This task assumes even more significance in an educational context where the brightest young minds of India come together.
With Faculty Members who specialize in diverse disciplines (including Anthropology,  Economics, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology) and with students from a spectrum of backgrounds, the Department provides an enriching platform -where technical education can be complemented with human and social understanding.




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