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Welcome to Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering
The new Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering is planned to be the hub at IIT Jodhpur of biological sciences, medical sciences, and technology. It aims at providing quality education, and undertaking research towards addressing the national needs (especially those leading to development of technologies for diagnostics and treatment by medical professionals). The Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering is looking for Faculty Members, whose competence spans over a wide range of domains needed to meet the national needs.
The Department is planning to offer B.Tech. (Biotechnology), M.Tech. (Bioscience & Bioengineering) and Ph.D. Program with specialisation in biological sciences, medical sciences, technology, and their interfaces. The department will offer a wide range of courses from foundational level to advanced level in the said domains fro the various degree programs. Hands-on learning will be emphasized using state-of-the-art centralized research facilities.
The Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering will focus on collaboration, both within and outside the Institute, to enhance research potential and productivity. In particular, special effort is being made to interact with Faculty Members of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur, towards developing technologies that are needed by the medical profession.




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