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Campus Life @ IITJ
 (Q1)  How is the campus life for Students?
  IIT Jodhpur offers plenty of opportunities for the holistic development of Students. Apart from intensive academics with regular classes, assignments and quizzes, Students are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities of their choice throughout the year. Two major festivals are organized every year with active participation from hundreds of students form colleges across the nation. Thus, students can prove their mettle and nurture their talent. In addition, everyday life at the Institute has plenty of scope for fun, joy and learning.
  Besides, students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities to further their all-round personality development. Also, extracurricular activities at the Institute include participation in Science and Technology, Photography, Sports, Music, Astronomy, and Films. The activities are divided under five societies of the Students Gymkhana, which organizes these activities. These societies fulfil the varied interests of Students and contribute to their holistic development. These societies are:
   1. Academic, Research and Management (ARM) Society,
 2. Media, Arts and Design (MAD) Society,
 3. Nurturing-Understanding Technology and Science (NUTS) Society,
 4. Sports, Adventures, Games and Explorations (SAGE) Society, and
 5. Writing, Awareness, Vocals, Entertainment, Social (WAVES) Society.




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