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B. Benefits Related FAQs
Q1. Does the Institute provide accommodation immediately upon my arrival for joining?
Yes. The Institute provides transit accommodation immediately on arrival.

Q2. Is accommodation available after completing the joining formalities?
IIT Jodhpur has two temporary residential areas, namely:
  (1) The GPRA Campus at Vivek Vihar on New Pali Road, is about 17 km away from the Temporary Academic Campus. This campus is home to Faculty Members, Staff members, B.Tech. girl and boy students, and M.Tech., and Ph.D. girl students; Accommodation can be availed in this campus.
  (2) The BSNL Campus at Shastri Nagar, about 5 km away, from the Temporary Academic Campus houses M.Tech. and Ph.D. boy students.
  In addition, private accommodation can also be availed in the city.

Q3. What kind of medical benefits are provided?
Outpatient Medical benefits and limited Insurance will be provided for coverage.

Q5. How much leave will I be entitled to?
The Post-Doctoral Fellow is eligible for leave for upto 30 days in a year for each completed year of the fellowship. The leave can be availed on a prorata basis for the completed duration (on 6-month basis).

Q6. What about employment opportunities for spouses?
Jodhpur is a city of Lawyers and Chartered Accountants. Especially with the High Court of the state of Rajasthan located in the city, Jodhpur has ample professional opportunities for spouses with backgrounds in these subjects. Further, it has ~700 SMEs around Jodhpur, contributing to the regional development. Oil and gas giants (like Cairn Energy, Shell and Schlumberger) are strengthening their establishments around Jodhpur. All of the above offer opportunities for appointment of spouses of Faculty Members of IIT Jodhpur, based on his/her qualifications and relevant experience. In addition, the city hosts seven S&T Organisations, namely (1) All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (2) National Law University, (3) Sardar Patel University for Police, Security and Criminal Justice, (4) National Institute of Fashion Technology, (5) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, (6) Footwear Design and Development Institute, and (7) Defense Laboratory, DRDO. Faculty Member, Scientist, Technical and Administrative positions are available from time to time.


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