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A. Recruitment Related FAQs
Q1. At which levels are Faculty Positions are available at IIT Jodhpur?
Faculty Positions are available at the levels of
1. Professor,
2. Associate Professor, and
3. Assistant Professor,
in eleven Academic Departments of the Institute, namely:
1.   Biosceince & Bioengineering,
2.   Chemistry,
3.   Chemical Engineering,
4.   Civil Engineering,
5.   Computer Science & Engineering,
6.   Elecrical Engineering,
7.   Humanities & Social Sciences,
8.   Mathematics,
9.   Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
10. Mechanical Engineering, and
11. Physics

Q2. Who can apply for Faculty Positions?
Doctoral degree holders in Engineering, Sciences, and Humanities & Social Sciences can apply for Faculty Positions at IIT Jodhpur. Ph.D students can apply after submitting their thesis.

Q3. When can I apply?
Application to Faculty Positions can be made at any time during the year.

Q4. How do I apply?
Individuals interested to apply for Faculty Position at IIT Jodhpur are requested to fill the Online Application Form by clicking here.

First time users need to first register and follow the instructions for submitting the required information. Once the information has been submitted, a PDF file will be generated of the submitted application details. Save this PDF file, print it, sign it, and send it to:

Associate Dean (Faculty)
Office of Recruitment
Main Building
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
N.H. 65, Nagaur Road, Karwar
Jodhpur 342037

Q5. What happens after submitting application?
After receipt of soft and hard copies of your application, the Selection Process begins. The process adopted for recruitment of Faculty Members at IIT Jodhpur involves five (5) levels, namely: Level 1: Screening based on criteria announced in advertisement
Level 2: Scrutiny based on academic background and research preparation presented in the Application
Level 3: Seminar in person, or via mutual presence software on Internet
Level 4: Reference Letters from 3 referees indicated by applicant in the Application
Level 5: Interview in person, or via mutual presence software on Internet

Q6. How much time does the recruitment process take?
Each cycle of recruitment should be completed in about three months.

Q7. I am not an Indian citizen. Can I still apply for a Faculty Position at IIT Jodhpur?
Yes. You will be eligible only for a position on CONTRACT. Also, your Application will need to be cleared by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India; the Institute will pursue the matter.

Q8. I am a fresh Ph.D. holder. Can I apply for a Faculty Position at IIT Jodhpur?
Yes, ofcourse!

Q9. I am in the process of defending my thesis. Can I apply for a Faculty Position at IIT Jodhpur?
Please apply immediately after submitting the thesis.

Q10. Does IIT Jodhpur have positions for Visiting Faculty?
In addition to the regular positions, the Institute has three Faculty Positions, namely:
(a) Guest Faculty Member,
(b) Adjunct Faculty Member, and
(c) Visiting Faculty Member.
Please contact Coordinator (Faculty) for these positions.

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