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Adjunct Faculty Members
The Institute invites academics and industrialists of standing to the Institute to engage with the young Faculty Members and Students of the Institute, in teaching-learning and research-innovation activities. Currently, the Institute has four Adjunct Faculty Members.


 Manindra Agarwal Manindra Agarwal
B.Tech. (Computer Science): Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Ph.D. (Computer Science): Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

 Professor Venkatesh Raman Venkatesh Raman
M.Sc. (Mathematics): IIT Kanpur
M.Math. (Combinatorics & Optimization): University of Waterloo, Canada
Ph.D. (Computer Science): University of Waterloo, Canada

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences

 Professor Kota Murali Kota V. Murali
B.E. (Electronics & Communication):  Bangalore University
S.M. (Media Laboratory): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Global Foundries
Malta New York - 12020

 Chhanda Chakraborty Chhanda Chakraborti
Masters in Philosophy: University of Washington, Washington, USA 
Masters in Philosophy: Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Ph.D. (Philosophy): University of Utah, Utah, USA

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

 Debasish Datta Debasish Datta 
B.Tech. (Radiophysics and Electronics): Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Calcutta University
M.Tech. (Electronics with Specialization in Microwave): Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Ph.D. (Optical Communication): Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Professor (Retired)
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

 Akshay Kumar Rathore Akshay Kumar Rathore 
B.E. (Electrical Engineering): Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur 
M.Tech. (Electrical Machines and Drives): Indian Institute of Technology- BHU, Varanasi
Ph.D. (Power Electronics): University of Victoria, Canada 
Postdoctoral Research Scientist: University of Wuppertal, Germany
Postdoctoral Research Associate: University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Concordia University
Montreal, Canada

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