IIT Jodhpur | हिंदी संस्करण
Institute Lecture by Managing Director, NVIDIA - 29 January 2019

Date and Venue Information
29 January 2019, Tuesday, at 4:15 pm,  LHB Auditorium, Ground Floor

Brief Profile of the Speaker
Vishal Dhupar is the Managing Director for NVIDIA, South Asia. He is responsible for running all aspects of NVIDIA’s business operations - including sales, marketing, operations and channels across South Asia. With more than three decades of experience, Vishal is known for his skills in business management and operations while spearheading global tech giants like Symantec, Autodesk and Sun Microsystems.
As a technology-driven business veteran, Vishal has led companies to local and regional leadership position across diverse business lines viz. servers, graphics, engineering design, security, networking, and data storage. His business acumen for creating high profile turnaround achievements affecting revenue, stability and performance have been well regarded in the industry and he has received several awards in the past.
Being a visionary leader, Vishal foresees India to be a super power driving the advanced research and innovation-driven economy.