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Seminar on "Generation - Silver, X, Y and Z Internet Users" - 25 November 2016

Date and Venue Information:
25 November 2016, Room S1, 2 - 3 PM, Admin Block

Title of Seminar:


Keeping in view that every generation has their different cohort related characteristics and its influence is easily identifiable in their behavior, this study plans to explore the internet and mobile use, the objective of e-commerce and influence of consumer shopping style among different generations. Specifically, the study was designed to answer for (1) estimating use of internet and use of mobile internet in different generations (is internet only young people medium), (2) internet users as consumers (online shopping) and their objective of internet use (product information search or product purchase), Sample included 350 participants with the age range of 17-66 divided into different generations. The results indicated toward few striking findings and a huge scope for further exploration, one of which is the use of the internet by older participants in comparison to younger users, which is the complete opposite of general conception that internet is the medium of young.

Presenter's Profile:

M Sana Maidullah is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Consumer Decision Making under the supervision of Dr. Ankita Sharma.


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