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1. Seminar on "Dynamic evolution of gas-liquid interfaces during bubble bursting, bubble coalescence and entrainment at the free surface by rotary rollers" - 28 May 2018
2. Lectures on Space Missions by Professor Ashok Joshi of IIT Bombay
3. Seminar on "Current State of Alternative Fuel Performance in Aviation" - 4 April 2018
4. Lecture on "Drone Based Experimental Investigation of Flow around Multi-MW Wind Farms in Flat and Complex Terrains" - 08 March 2018
5. Seminar on "Granular Mixtures as Proppants: Experimental & Computational Investigation" - 02 February 2018
6. Seminar on "Designing For The Sun: Case Studies In Sustainable Habitat Design" - 02 November 2017
7. Talk on "Evolution and Maturity level of R&D" in Mechanical Engineering in India - 10 April 2017
8. Seminar on "Free Turbulence, Bounded Turbulence, and Universal Theories" - 3 April 2017
9. Seminar on "Atomic scale simulations: From quantum to classical methods and atmospheric to extreme conditions" - 23 March 2017
10. Vanguard Lecture by Professor Subir Kumar Saha
11. Seminar on "Material selection using Ashby charts, A case study using Cambridge Engineering Selector" - 2 September 2016
12. Seminar on "Search for Higher-Order Continuum Transport Equations" - 26 August 2016
13. Lecture on "​Excellence in Engineering and expectations from an engineer​" - 07 January 2016
14. Development of PZT Smart Materials, Devices and Polymer & Ceramic Nanofibers at CSIR-NAL
15. Seminar on "Methods in Soil and Water Conservation" - 05 October 2015
16. Seminar on "Thermal Analysis of Phase Change Phenomena and Moving Boundary Problems" on 28 September 2015
17. Seminar on "Some Issues in Design, Motion Planning and Control of Robots" - 21 September 2015
18. Seminar on "Modeling of Process Geometry and Cutting Forces in Micro-Milling Operation" - 07 September 2015
19. Seminar on "A Mathematical Model for Geometric Tolerance Accumulation" conducted by Gaurav Ameta
20. Seminar on "Hypersonic and CFD" conducted by Akshay Prakash
21. Special Distinguished Lecture Notice

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