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Lecture on "GPU Acceleration in General Purpose Computing" by Dr. Subhasis Banerjee, IBM Systems Lab

Date and Venue Information:
18 March 2016, Room 1105,  2 to 4 PM, Computer Center

Title of Seminar:
"GPU Acceleration in General Purpose Computing" by Dr. Subhasis Banerjee, IBM Systems Lab

Current general purpose computing platforms are invariably attached with GPUs. Role of GPU in the mainstream computing has been key driving force in many innovations in the areas of system architecture, programming model, algorithmic design and many more. This talk will cover basic GPU architecture and programming paradigm (CUDA). A brief overview of performance analysis will reveal how one can utilize the potential of massively parallel system. Few simple hands on example will enable the attendees to have a feel about the performance aspect of  GPU accelerated workload.
Speaker's Bio:
Subhasis Banerjee is working as performance architect at IBM Systems Lab, India. His current research interest is in the area of performance modeling for heterogeneous systems. His career so far is almost equally split into academia and industry lab. He worked in IIIT-Delhi, Intel Labs, Sun Microsystems and prior to that he did his PhD from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and MTech, BTech from University of Calcutta.

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