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Welcome to Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering primarily focuses on imparting quality education and preparing students to face the future technological challenges in the field of Mechanical engineering. The vision of the Department is to enhance the research environment and to innovate in pedagogy to address the challenges of socio-economic and human resource development. The Department is committed to high quality research by Faculty Members and Students in the pursuit of excellence in teaching.

The department offers B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with broad range of major specializations in the domains of Thermofluids, Design and Smart Manufacturing. The department also offers flexibility to have minor degree in Management, Entrepreneurship for B. Tech. students. The students also have flexibility to have interdisciplinary specialization in the emerging areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Computational Science, Smart Healthcare, Energy Materials and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

The department has two state-of-the-art M. Tech programs in Thermofluids Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing and Design. The department also offers dual degree (M. Tech. + Ph. D.) and regular Ph.D. program within different technology tracks. The department is well-equipped with laboratories in different domains of Mechanical Engineering. The department has vast variety of computational tools such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, OpenFOAM, Solidworks, Hyperworks, Creo, Tecplot, MATLAB etc. along with high end computational facilities. The prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to visit the laboratory and faculty webpage to know more details.

To know more about the current research themes of the faculty members, the prospective students are encouraged to visit Research page of the department.

Technology Tracks:

 1. Additive Manufacturing 11. Solar Thermal Storage
 2. Conventional and Non-Conventional Machining 12. Solar Thermal Applications
 3. Casting, Welding and Forming 13. Multi-phase Flow and Heat Transfer
 4. Non-linear Vibration 14. Air Cooled Condensers
 5. MEMS 15. Compact Heat Exchanger
 6. Robot Modelling and Control 16. Heat Transfer Enhancement
 7. All Terrain Vehicles 17. Water energy Nexus
 8. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 18. Technologies for Rural Development
 9. Energy and Propulsion 19. Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
 10. Solar Resource Assessment 20. Metrology and Quality Control
The department has active collaborations with AIIMS Jodhpur, General Electric, Thermax, DRDO, ISRO, TCS Innovation Lab, TVS Motor Company to name a few.  The department has been attracting various sponsored projects from R&D organizations since its inception