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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering is playing a major role in transforming every aspect of human life, addressing social challenges, and catalyzing the ongoing wave of the industrial revolution. The department is driven by its commitment to excel in next generation technology development and research. Our mission is to strengthen industry-academia collaborations and prepare students to contribute in multi-disciplinary projects and R&D for solving national problems.
The department strives to expand its capabilities and responsibilities to accelerate research and development in thrust areas such as AI, Networking, Computer Vision and Cyber-Physical Systems.
The department offers two B.Tech Programs. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS, jointly offered with Department of Mathematics) with broad range of major and minor specializations and two state-of-the-art M.Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering, i.e., M.Tech. (CSE),  and in Artificial Intelligence, i.e., M.Tech (AI).
The department also runs dual degree (M.Tech. + Ph.D.) in Computer Science and Engineering, and in Artificial Intelligence.
The prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to visit the Academic Programs (UG ProgramPG Programs and Doctoral Programs) page of the department to know more about the details of courses offered in the department.
To know more about the current research themes of the faculty members, prospective students are encouraged to visit the Research Projects page of the department.
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