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Faculty Members


Sampat Raj Vadera
Ph.D.: Jai Narayan Vyas University
Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Stealth Materials, Stealth Technology

eMail: srv@iitj.ac.in , head_physics@iitj.ac.in, office_physics@iitj.ac.in
Phone: (91 291) 280 1611
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~srv

Faculty Members

Ambesh Dixit
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Wayne State University
Semiconductors, multifunctional ferroics & materials for energy-fabrication & characterization, Photovoltaic materials & devices ab initio DFT study and device simulations

eMail: ambesh@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1605
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~ambesh

Ashutosh Kumar Alok
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Particle Physics and Cosmology

eMail: akalok@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1606
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~akalok

Durgamadhab Mishra
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Ruhr University Bochum
Magnetic thin films and nanoparticles, Permanent Magnets, Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering and X-ray imaging

eMail: durgamadhab@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1610
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~durgamadhab

Monika Sinha
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Jadavpur University
Astrophysics, Astroparticle physics

eMail: ms@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1604
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~ms

Satyajit Sahu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Jadavpur University
Information Processing in Biological Systems

eMail: satyajit@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1608
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~satyajit

Somnath Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Light in disordered and complex systems, Mid-IR photonics and unconventional devices

eMail: somnathghosh@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1609
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~somnathghosh

Subhashish Banerjee
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Open Quantum Systems; Quantum Information; Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics; Quantum Optics

eMail: subhashish@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1603
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~subhashish

V. Narayanan
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Optics and Solar Field Design, Plasmonics, Laser Produced Plasmas (LPP), Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Plasma Diagnostics (Interferometry & Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)), Laser Matter Interaction and Laser Cluster Interaction

eMail: vnara@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1607
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~vnara


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