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Faculty Members


Gaurav Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Wavelet Analysis, Fractional Transform Theory, Multimedia Security, Image Processing, Information Fusion

eMail: goravb@iitj.ac.in , head_mathematics@iitj.ac.in, office_mathematics@iitj.ac.in
Phone: (91 291) 280 1457
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~goravb

Faculty Members

Kirankumar R. Hiremath
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: University of Twente
Theoretical, mathematical and computational aspects of wave-matter interactions

eMail: k.r.hiremath@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1453
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~k.r.hiremath

Puneet Sharma
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Topological Dynamics, Low Dimensional Chaos

eMail: puneet@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1455
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~puneet

V. V. M. S. Chandramouli
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: SUNY at StonyBrook, USA and RUG
Smooth Dynamical Systems, Renormalization of Unimodal maps and Henon-like maps

eMail: chsarma@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1456
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~chsarma

Vivek Vijay
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Financial Risk Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis, Regression

eMail: vivek@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1454
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~vivek


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