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Faculty Members


Gaurav Harit
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Image and Video Analysis

eMail: gharit@iitj.ac.in , head_cse@iitj.ac.in, office_cse@iitj.ac.in
Phone: (91 291) 280 1253
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~gharit

Faculty Members

Anil Shukla
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Computational Complexity, Proof Complexity

eMail: anilshukla@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1257
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~anilshukla

Aritra Banik
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Statistical Institute
Computational Geometry

eMail: aritra@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1255
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~aritra

Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Computer Vision

eMail: chiranjoy@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1254
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~chiranjoy

Manas Khatua
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Wireless Networks

eMail: manaskhatua@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1256
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~manaskhatua

Subhajit Sidhanta
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Louisiana State University
Distributed System, Cloud Computing, Distributed Storage, Consistency

eMail: subhajit@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 280 1258
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~subhajit


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