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Atul Kumar
Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (2002, Banaras Hindu University), Chemistry
M.Sc. (2004, IIT Madras), Chemistry
Ph.D. (2010, IIT Madras), Quantum Information Processing from Department of Chemistry

3106, Administrative Block
IIT Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada
Jodhpur 342 011
(91 291) 244 9076

Research Areas
  1. Quantum Information Processing

      1. Select Recent Publications
        1. Plappally, A.K., Hasija, I.A., Panditrao, A., Singh, N.K., Kumar, N., Singh, K., Kumar, N., Katiyar, N., Kumar, Y., Meena, C., Jawalkar, P., Goutham, G.R., Ram, P., Mishra, S., Alwaria, A.K., Budaraju, A., Ranjan, A., Pancholi, H.K., Shreerao, J., Kumar, A., Joseph, G.K. and Singhal, R., Water Use and Related Costs at Households in Western and Northern Parts of India, Hydrology: Current Research, In Press, 2013 , OMICS
        2. Roy, S., Ganguly, N., Kumar, A., Adhikari, S. and Majumdar, A.S., A cloned qutrit and its utility in quantum information tasks, Quantum Information Processing, In Press, 2013 , Springer
        3. Kumar, A., Adhikari, S. and Agrawal, P., Generalized form of optimal teleportation witness operators, Quantum Information Processing, Vol. 12, pp 2475-2485, 2013 , Springer
        4. Kumar, A. and Sunder, M., Generalized controlled dense coding with maximally entangled multiqubit states, International Journal of Quantum Information, Vol. 8, pp 947-960, 2010 , World Scientific
        5. Kumar, A. and Sunder, M., Quantum entanglement and teleportation using statistical correlations, Journal of Chemical Sciences, Vol. 121, pp 767-775, 2009 , Springer


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