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IIT Jodhpur invites Call for participation in Summer Challenges



If you ate six times, slept like there is no tomorrow, lounged around to watch every flick on the net, and if it is still today…there you go… We have some exciting things lined up for you to unleash the creative V---S (no prizes for guessing this one… the one which cannot be named).

While we are checking in to see that you are all doing well – physically fit, mentally awake and emotionally stable, we’d like for you to be physically distant but socially connected to us.
While you “Zoom” into all your classes electronically, and “Zoom out “of all the study material mentally, here is also a clean (sanitized) creative break for you all.

Loads of prizes and certificates await you…We look forward to receiving all your entries!!! Good Luck! on this one


In keeping with the times. Unlock your (locked down) creativity – The Summer Challenges.

Anything contemporary/current that makes you wonder, think, ideate, innovate, design and create ….




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Challenge 1: Can you teach a topic in any of the first-year courses better through a video or a game? You can use graphics, animation, virtual reality, audio effect - whatever comes to your mind. Make the lesson as interesting as possible..

Do you want to make a difference in the education system? Are you looking for a paradigm shift in teaching? Go ahead and be the pioneer of pedagogy. Create an interesting teaching material of any topic that interests you using recent technological tools.

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Challenge 2: Can you design, model and simulate  an engineering system?

Can you feel the engineer in you? Design a system. Model and simulate your design in a computer to find out whether it works. Possible problems are there for you.

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Challenge 3: Find Actionable Insights, discover new physical principles through data. Welcome to the world of Data analytics and Discovery Science.

Do you have curiosity to discover the unknown from what is known ?Are you always intrigued with what you can do with zillions of data being generated everyday ? Then get ready to delve deeper through this challenge to come up with new discovery by deep diving into the sea of data.

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Challenge 4: Ideation. Put on your thinking cap. Think like a god… you can create everything you imagine.

Do you want to play the mastermind? Ideate, innovate and help India to lead the world..

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Challenge 5: Every day you assimilate knowledge. You read, you question, you think. Can you pen down all these for others?

Are you an avid reader? Do you love to read journal articles, want to keep current affairs at your fingertips? Why don’t you illuminate us by authoring a survey paper? Here is your chance to showcase your talent.

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Challenge 6: Discovering Artist in Me: Find colours, find shapes, find beauty in life. Reignite the artist in you as you see the world changing around you..

Do you like doodling, painting, visualizing, photography creating memes, sketching, dabbling with colours, cartooning, and digital art. Go ahead and start from scratch!

For example: you can work on Life during lockdown: a 21 day photo diary.

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Challenge 7: Literally Viral

Do you like making journal entries? Writing creative pieces that are funny, tragic, satiric or dramatic? Short Stories, Poetry, Reflective pieces, Creative Nonfiction, Plays, Articles, Songs that you want to rap or croon or Reviews for books/movie/music albums -----anything literary.

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Other Information


Submission Deadline:

Any time between 1st May 2020 to 15th  July 2020


Who can participate:
  1. All students (UG, PG, Research Scholars)
  2. We encourage Students &Faculty member to team up for any of the  challenges
  3. Students can participate in multiple challenges and can have more than one entry per challenge.
  4. Please send request to coordinators for access to institute resources. Some of the software vendors (like ANSYS) can also arrange webinars on request.
  5. More problems may be  added under each challenge category
  6. Students may participate in a team. Number of students per team should not exceed 3. 


Evaluation after submission:
  1. Research/ Design/Creativity Excellence Certificates and Awards will be distributed based on quality. The award will include cash prizes worth Rs. 10000, Rs. 6000 and Rs. 4000 for the best entries per challenge (may be more than one) provided they are really good. Institute may decide to support some of these projects financially and otherwise for further development.
  2. Even though students will be allowed to submit multiple entries in a challenge but he/she is eligible for only one cash award per challenge.
  3. First-year UG students can earn up to 2 design credits  (core requirement for graduation) through these challenges. One credit implies that you have to put effort equivalent to that of a 1 credit lecture course ( minimum of 28 hrs). Entry will be evaluated by a committee for eligibility of credit and subsequent award of grades.


Challenge coordinators
S. No. Name of Challenge Coordinator
1 Effective Teaching Dr. Nitin Bhatia (nitin@iitj.ac.in)
2 Design and Simulation Dr. Jaiveer Singh (jaiveer@iitj.ac.in)
3 Data analytics/ Discovery Science Dr. Harshit Agarwal (agarwalh@iitj.ac.in)
4 Ideation Dr. Arpit Khandelwal (arpitkhandelwal@iitj.ac.in)
5 Authoring Encyclopeadic Content Dr. Deepak Arora (deepakarora@iitj.ac.in)
6 Discovering artist in me Dr. Vidya Sarveswaran (vs@iitj.ac.in)
7 Literally Viral Dr. Parichay Patra (parichay@iitj.ac.in)


Overall coordination committee:
  1. Associate Dean (Academics - PG Programmes) (ad_academics_pg@iitj.ac.in)
  2. Associate Dean (Students) (ad_students@iitj.ac.in)
  3. Associate Dean (Academics - UG Programmes) (ad_academics_ug@iitj.ac.in)