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List of Provisionally Selected Candidates


List of provisionally selected for Post Graduate Programs offered by IIT Jodhpur for AY 2020-21 Semester I are as below

S. No. Programme M. Tech M. Tech. – Ph.D.
1. Bioscience and Bioengineering  -- View
2. Computer Science and Engineering

Full-time Regular eligible for Assistantship/Fellowship(View),

Full-time Regular eligible for Without Assistantship(View),

Full-time Regular Self sponsored (View),

Full-time sponsored (View)

3. Computer Science and Engineering - Artificial Intelligence  

With Fellowship  Category(View),

Without fellowship Category(View),

Self- Sponsored Category (View)


4. Electrical Engineering - Cyber Physical System Full-Time Regular Without Fellowship/Full-Time Sponsored/Part-Time Category (View)


5. Electrical Engineering - Sensors and Internet of Things Full-Time Regular Without Fellowship/Full-Time Sponsored/Part-Time Category (View)


6. Electrical Engineering - Communication and Signal Processing  --


7. Mathematics - Data and Computational Sciences

Regular without Fellowship(View),


Full-Time Regular With Fellowship (View),

Part-Time (View)

8. Mechanical Engineering - Advanced Manufacturing Design Without Fellowship (View)

With Fellowship (View),

Without Fellowship (View)

9. Mechanical Engineering - Thermofluids Engineering Full-time Regular Without Fellowship, Full-time Sponsored, Part-Time M.Tech.(View)

With Fellowship (View),

Without Fellowship (View)

10. Mechanical Engineering- Mechanical Design  --

With Fellowship (View),

Without Fellowship (View)

11. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering  --  View
12. Executive M. Tech. (AI)  --  --
13. Chemical Engineering  --   View
14. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering -Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering  --  View
15. Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Energy  --  View
16. Medical Technology  --  --


S. No. Programme Ph.D.
1. Chemistry  --
2. Mathematics Full-Time Regular(View)
3. Physics  --
4. Humanities & Social Sciences  View
5. Biosciences and Bioengineering  View
6. Computer Science & Engineering  View
7. Electrical Engineering  --
8. Mechanical Engineering


Part-time PhD (View)

9. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering  View
10. Chemical Engineering  View
11. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering View
12. Management and Entrepreneurship  View
13. Medical Technology  --


14. Digital Humanities  View
15. Internet of things & Applications  View
16. Science of Intelligence  --
17. Smart Health Care  View
18. Space Science and Technology  --
19. Robotics and Mobility Systems  View
20. Quantum Information and Computation  --


S .No. Programme M.Sc.
1. Digital Humanities  



S .No. Department Programme
1. School of Management and Entrepreneurship