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Academic Calendar

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Academic Calendar 2019
Academic Year 2019
ActivityAY 2019-20 Semester I
Registration of New PG students22 July 2019
Registration of New B.Tech. Students25 July 2019
Registration of Old Students26 July 2019
Commencement of Classes 29 July 2019
Instructors to declare Institute's Attendance Policy29 July 2019
No classes due to foundation day02 August 2019
Late Registration05 August 2019
Registration of Preparatory Students07 August 2019
Last date for Add and Drop of Courses08 August 2019
Finalization of Course Roll List09 August 2019
Instructor to issue 1st warning against low attendance30 August 2019
First Mid Semester Examination04 - 06 September 19
Last date of course withdrawal request13 September 2019
Last date of showing First Mid Semester Examination Marks20 September 2019
Mid-Semester Feedback on Courses25 September 2019
Instructor to issue 2nd warning against low attendance30 September 2019
List of Courses to be offered in next semester/summer term by the Departments15 October 2019
Second Mid Semester Examination16 -18 October 2019
Time Table Committee Meeting for Next Semester23 October 2019
Semester Break26 October - 03 November 2019
Instructor to issue 3rd warning against low attendance04 November 2019
Last date of showing Second Mid Semester Examination Marks05 November 2019
Student Feedback on Courses and Pre-Registration for next semester06 - 08 November 2019
Online submission of pre-final attendance11 November 2019
B.Tech. Project Evaluation 23 November 2019
Last day of Classes 29 November 2019
Submission of Final Attendance and display 29 November 2019
Display of Pre-major evaluations29 November 2019
End-Semester Examination02 - 07 December 2019
Moderation Committee meeting 11 December 2019
Last Date for Submission display of Grades for Courses, Projects and Thesis12 December 2019
Vacation Begins13 December 2019
Grades to Reach Office of Academics16 December 2019
Verification of Grades, Generation of grade card23 December 2019
Vacation ends31 December 2019
Change of I and E Grades06 January 2020

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1. If the Government of India announces any additional Holiday on a working day, then one of the Saturday(s)/Sunday(s) will be observed as a working day
2. Lectures on the following days will be held with the schedule of the days mentioned against them:
(a) Saturday, 10 August 2019: Friday’s Time Table will be followed.
(b) Tuesday, 27 August 2019: Thursday’s Time Table will be followed.
(c) Monday, 07 October 2019: Tuesday’s Time Table will be followed.
(d) Saturday, 23 November 2019: B.Tech. Project Evaluation.
3. If the requisite number of lectures cannot be scheduled, the instructors may, in consultation with the students in their respective courses, decide on a schedule of extra classes. A regular course has engagement of 14 lectures (one lecture of 50 minutes) per one credit.
4. There will be no extra classes on Gazetted Holidays.
5. Saturdays and Sundays falling within the examination period will be used for scheduling examinations. Under extraordinary circumstances, examinations of some of the courses may be scheduled on the days preceding the mid-semester/end semester examinations.
6. Summary of the total number of teaching days is given in the table below:

S. No.


Distribution of Weekdays

Academic Year 2019-20 Semester I
















Total nos. of Teaching Days