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Academic Calendar 2018
Academic Year 2017-18 II Semester (January - May 2018)
  Date  Day  Activity
  03 January 2018  Wednesday  Registration for Semester II, AY 2017-18
  04 January 2018  Thursday  Commencement of Classes
  12 January 2018  Friday  Last date for Add and Drop of Courses
  16 January 2018  Tuesday  Finalization of Course Roll List
  05 February 2018 to
  07 February 2018
  Monday to Wednesday  First Mid-Semester Examination
  12 February 2018  Monday  Mid-Semester Feedback on Courses
  24 February 2018 to
  04 March 2018
  Saturday to Sunday  Mid-Semester Break
  07 March 2018 to
  09 March 2018
  Wednesday to Friday  Second Mid-Semester Examination
  28 March 2018  Wednesday  Last date to Announce list of Summer courses
  16 April 2018 to
  17 April 2018
  Monday to Tuesday  Pre-Registration for the Semester I, AY 2018-19
  20 April 2018  Friday  B.Tech. Project Submission to respective Departments
  21 April 2018  Saturday  Wednesday?s Time Table will be followed
  23 April 2018 to
  27 April 2018
  Monday to Friday  Student Feedback on Courses
  27 April 2018  Friday  Last date to receive Best B.Tech. Project Nominations from respective Departments
  04 May 2018  Friday  Last day of Classes
  04 May 2018  Friday  Last date to submit M.Tech. and M.Sc. Thesis
  07 May 2018 to
  11 May 2018
  Monday to Friday  End-Semester Examination
  14 May 2018  Monday  Last date for Submission of Grades
  15 May 2018  Tuesday  Commencement of M.Tech. and M.Sc. Thesis Defense
  18 May 2018  Friday  Evaluation of Outstanding B.Tech. Projects
  19 May 2018  Saturday  Summer Vacation Begins
  22 July 2018  Sunday  Summer Vacation ends
  23 July 2018  Monday  Registration of new B.Tech. students
  25 July 2018  Wednesday  Registration of new M.Sc., M.Tech. and Ph.D. students
  27 July 2018  Friday  Registration of old Students
  30 July 2018  Monday  Commencement of Classes for Semester I, AY 2018-19

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