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Ph.D Programs

Core Sciences

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Ph.D. in Mathematics

Ph.D. in Physics

Engineering Sciences

Ph.D. in Bioscience & Bioengineering

Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Areas
Ph.D. in AUV Technologies
Interdisciplinary group on AUV Technologies is aimed at initiating research activities and developing advanced technologies in the emerging areas of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial and Ground-based Vehicles. The research and technology development will be along the tracks, namely: Design and Structural Optimization, Dynamics, Sensors, Actuators, Control, Navigation, and Communication. The applications are invited for Ph.D. in the following areas:
 1.  Design and Structural Optimization
 2.   Flight Dynamics and Simulation
 3.   Motion Planning and Control
 4.   Autonomous Navigation
 5.   Onboard Flight Controller Design
 6.   Mid-range Communication with Portable Ground Station
 7.   Vision-based Control
 8.   Software development and Integration
The candidate with a master degree in engineering and motivated to work in the cutting edge area of Autonomous Vehicle are encouraged to apply. 
Ph.D. in Cognitive Science
The mind-brain is termed as the mystery of the century. The research program in Cognitive Science aims to address the scientific and technological advancements in the overlapping areas of Humanities and social sciences, engineering, science and medicine relevant to cognitive science to develop an understanding of the mind-brain for development of technological solutions. Currently, the four thrust areas of the research program are the theory of human intelligence, cognitive marketing, cognitive computing, and artificial consciousness.
Ph.D. in Digital Humanities
IIT Jodhpur is one of the pioneering institutes in the country currently to offer an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Digital Humanities. The Inter Disciplinary Research Platform at IIT Jodhpur facilitates this doctoral degree programme.This doctoral programme offers unique opportunities to redraw conventional disciplinary boundaries among the humanities, the social sciences, the arts, technology and engineering, and the natural sciences. Doctoral students opting for this program are expected to contribute towards integrating disciplinary approaches of the humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, and computer technologies, with cross-disciplinary theorising and research that can be avant-garde to the field of Digital Humanities. Examples of research emphases may include (but are not limited to): Digital Cultures/ Cultural Practices – Past and Present; Digital Societies; Digital Heritage (Preservation, Conservation, Restoration, Recreation); Thematic Computation Reading of Novels; Multimodal Data Analytics; Digital Epistemologies and Methods. Doctoral research in Digital Humanities shall be premised on project-oriented knowledge production, the practical application of methods, and shall involve interdisciplinary collaboration workflows. In addition to the regular PhD stipend, an additional financial assistance for research may be facilitated on a competitive basis.
For more information, please visit: https://digitalhumanitiesiitj.weebly.com
Ph.D. in IOT & Application
Internet of Things (IoT) has gained immense interest for applications in smart agriculture, transportation, environment monitoring, healthcare, and smart wearable, Industrial IoT, and many other applications. Sensors are the key components to communicate with surroundings, which have to be both highly sensitive and selective as well. On the other hand, the data collected from sensors have to be analyzed and used for making Processes and Systems smarter. IoT and applications area is a highly multidisciplinary area involving various areas of Materials, Devices, Sensors, Circuits, Communication, and Data Analytics, and their applications in IoT system development.

Candidates of various relevant academic backgrounds with interest in this exciting upcoming area are encouraged to apply for Ph.D. position.

Ph.D. in Quantum Information and Computation
The Quantum Information and Computation (QIC) group at IIT Jodhpur is working towards analyzing classical and quantum correlations from the perspective of a practical interface between quantum optics and quantum information processing. Such correlations occupy a central position in the quest for understanding and harvesting the power of quantum mechanics and fundamentals of quantum information processing. As a group, we are addressing some of the key issues in characterizing multiqubit entanglement. From the applications perspective, the spectrum includes, but is not limited to, quantum key distribution, quantum dense coding, quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography, quantum game theory and quantum secure communication.
For a practical implementation of any quantum information task, it is important to consider the role of noise on the chosen task. The group is interested in the systematic study of quantum information and computation in realistic scenarios, including the effect of ambient noise, using ideas and techniques of Open Quantum Systems. At present, following faculty members are involved in the group,
 1.  Subhashish Banerjee, Department of Physics
 2.   V. Narayanan, Department of Physics
 3.   Atul Kumar, Department of Chemistry
 4.   Kiran K. Hiremath, Department of Mathematics
 5.   B. Ravindra, Department of Mechanical Engineering
 6.   Mahesh Kumar, Department of Electrical Engineering
Applications are invited for Ph.D. positions in Quantum Information and Computation group. Interested applicants may apply through the online Application Submission link.
Ph.D. in Smart Healthcare
The research program in Smart Healthcare aims to address the scientific and technological advancements in the area of Healthcare. The research program offers a broad spectrum of research areas relevant in the disciplines of Bioscience and Bio-engineering, Chemistry, Material Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. Currently the research groups actively participating in the doctoral program are engaged in interdisciplinary research (in Neuroscience, Immunology, Physiology, Microbiology, Computational biology, NMR metabolomics, Biomaterials, Nanomaterials Synthesis and Advanced Materials Design, Artificial Intelligence, Drug discovery and synthetic chemistry) for technology basics or device development.
Ph.D. in Space Technologies
Description of the Program
Description of the program: Space Science and Technology (SST) is an Interdisciplinary program emphasizing on (i) the fundamental aspects of Sciences in expanding our knowledge of the Universe and (ii) the realization of end product meeting some of the needs for Space Technology. The PhD program in Space Science and Technology at IIT Jodhpur comprises of both the science as well as engineering/technology components and offers opportunity to explore career in fundamental as well as Space worthy interdisciplinary research.
Scope & Objectives
The program will offer fundamental training to the PhD students in respective fields. The fundamental research will include the exploration of the Universe (Space physics, chemistry and biology). Further, program provides opportunity towards the technological developments realizing the transition of basic research in to Space related technologies.
Why should one opt for this program and IIT Jodhpur?
IIT Jodhpur has highly qualified and experienced faculty with very wide research background in different domains of Science and Technology. The program will provide an opportunity to work on highly demanding and technologically challenging research problems in Space Science and Technology (SST) covering fundamental aspects such as exploring the Universe and applied aspects such as development of functional materials to the integrated devices, secured communications and other related Space applications adopting a system approach.
Humanities & Social Sciences

Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences