Vision and Mission of IIT Jodhpur


A future-driven institute for nurturing excellence of thought; creating, preserving, and imparting knowledge; and using transformational technologies/interventions with a multidisciplinary approach for responding to societal challenges and aspirations.


To assimilate balanced, broad-based as well as specialized education in all curricula with opportunities for different kinds of students and their interests.

To establish systems for dynamic development, implementation, and evaluation of futuristic pedagogy including blended-hybrid teaching and experiential learning.

Have a globally engaged research ecosystem with state-of-the-art facilities in place, for attaining leadership in research on academic, social, national, and industrial fronts while capitalizing on emerging and in-demand opportunities.

To be the Institute of Choice for a lifelong learning journey of working professionals, alumni, and the community.

Institutional Collaboration
Have an efficient platform in place for forging impactful partnerships with academia, research institutes, business organizations, civil society, governments, and other agencies across the world for contributing to larger goals for humanity.

Industry Connect
Ensure ease of collaboration with industry for joint research/ projects, IPR development, technology transfer, and encouraging entrepreneurship/ startups, along with efficient supporting infrastructure and systems.

Financial Plan
Set up innovative resource mobilization mechanisms and expenditure management systems, embedded in the internal budgetary processes, to have ample resources/ funds for actualizing the institute’s vision and goals.

Institute will have secure, evolving futuristic digital and physical infrastructure and ancillary services to meet all its needs, along with knowledge infrastructure for supporting learning and enabling skill development.

Student Life Cycle
Students will find at IIT Jodhpur (i) a vibrant learning environment, with opportunities for excelling in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, (ii) an effective career development process for their successful initiation to the professions of their choice and (iii) a strong linkage with alumni through regular interactions, support for their lifelong learning and professional development; and enabling their active participation as a stakeholder in the affairs of the institute.

Agile Organization
Ensure that IITJ continues to be an agile organization for both stability and dynamism as a network of teams with a people-centric culture that operates through fast but considered decision cycles which are enabled by technology, and guided by a powerful common purpose to co-create value for all stakeholders of the institute.