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IIT Jodhpur has set up a startup ecosystem, which essentially reflects freedom to encourage innovative ideas, R&D intensity, industry interaction, IP regime and protection, incentives for faculty/students to ideate/innovate, institutional setup to handhold entrepreneurs, have startup policies, equities and investments, networks with other incubators, investors, angels and entrepreneurs. The ecosystem aims to have startup policies, equities and investments, networks with other incubators, investors, angels and entrepreneurs. IIT Jodhpur Innovation Complex was inaugurated on the occasion of the Institute Foundation Day on the 2nd August, 2019. As a part of the complex, IIT Jodhpur has setup the Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC) as a Section 8 Company incorporated on 3rd July, 2019 under the Companies Act, 2013. The TISC focus is on the Deep Tech to promote startups and programmes founded on a scientific discovery or a meaningful engineering innovation to solve critical real-world issues through transformative technologies. TISC aims to nucleate new age ventures around the focal theme “Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)”, unique in the country, which is expected to impact all sectors of economy. Deep Tech domains of TISC interests include: New materials and material intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, including Precision Medicine & Multi-omics, Cyber-security, Digital economy, Robotics, Advanced Communications, Quantum Computing, etc. Possible fields for Deep Tech applications include: Agriculture, Food (including processing, analytics and computing), Life sciences, Aerospace, Energy, Defence, etc. TISC also nurtures incubation projects supported by Ministry of MSME and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, and has now embarked on establishing the BioNest Bioincubator besides administering a number of entrepreneurship-related activities encompassing a multitude of programmes/stakeholders in the neighbourhood.

To this end, the following opportunities have been built for entrepreneurship at the Institute.

IITJ’s Exclusive Entrepreneurship Programme

IITJ has developed a programme with an aim to gain insights not available from traditional engineering education, such as, understanding and designing for end users, working in and managing interdisciplinary teams, communicating effectively, thinking critically, understanding business basics, and solving open-ended problems. Students may opt for Entrepreneurship as a part of the curriculum from the beginning of the 8th Semester. A student would be required to complete a minimum of six months for Minor in Entrepreneurship, and would earn 20 credits on successful completion of a minimum of six months of Entrepreneurship. The students would be exempted from the requirement of 10 open elective credits in lieu of credits earned against Entrepreneurship. However, the remaining coursework is required to be completed by taking extra credits in the earlier semesters or can be completed after completion of Entrepreneurship. A student should have earned minimum required credits with at least 6 CGPA at the end of 7th semester to opt for dual-degree M. Tech. Programme.

IITJ’s School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)

IIT Jodhpur has created the first technology-based School of Management and Entrepreneurship in the state of Rajasthan and its key focus is tutoring for the startups on key managerial and entrepreneurship skills.

IITJ’s R&D Intensity

IIT Jodhpur has come up with centre for advanced scientific equipment (CASE) and faculties are involved in different product development and consultancies. IITJ is also providing additional facilities and services in the following:

Laboratory facilities of applied sciences with high-end scientific equipment and characterization tools are also available. The startups can use the facilities of the Institute on payment basis as per the guidelines revised from time to time.

IITJ’s IP Regime and Protection

IIT Jodhpur has come up with the new Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy of the Institute, which provides a transparent operative framework for the management of IPR resulting from the creative work, in the Institute, and of its employees, students, researchers, persons associated with the Institute in diverse capacities with short-, medium- and long-term links with the Institute, collaborations with other institutions including industries & varied governmental / non-governmental agencies, and their likes. This policy also has a special mention about the Institute startup linkage and similarly incentive for students and faculties.

IITJ’s Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC)

IITJ has started a Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC) and is also setting up a Technology Park in its campus to nucleate a cluster of new-age ventures. The focal theme for both TISC and Technology Park is AI0T. At present, TISC is operational in an area of around 5000 sq. ft. with its infrastructure planned in around a 21,000 sq. ft. at IIT Jodhpur, which would be operational within this financial year. It would provide office infrastructure to the incubatees with other business support amenities like videoconferencing facilities, meeting spaces and other utilities. The incubatees will have access to the laboratory facilities, faculty and managerial expertise, library & interns available at the Institute. A strong industry linkage available with the Institute will help incubatees obtain dedicated domain-specific mentorship and networking with potential business partners and customers. Apart from these, this incubation unit will provide trainings, connect with investors, intellectual property protection support, and feedback/suggestions for progress in terms of product development, testing and customer engagement.

Key Business Support Service available at TISC
TISC services and programmes are designed to increase client’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what the client establishment/startup could achieve on its own. TSIC support system includes
  1. Direct business development mentoring including finance, legal, business plan, etc.
  2. Professional network and relationship support including enlisted qualified mentors, investors meet, etc.
  3. Educational and training programmes, which includes startathon, hackathon, boot camps, capacity building workshops, etc.
  4. Facility-based services including accelerator, growth camps, portfolio support, etc.
  5. Funding support, which includes direct investment, demo day, pitching sessions with investors, investor meets, etc.
Advantages offered by TISC
  1. Access to IITJ Knowledge Base and Knowledge Network
  2. IITJ Students as interns
  3. IITJ Faculties as mentors
  4. IITJ Student promoter to be part of M.Tech./Ph.D. programmes in part-time mode
  5. To be part of innovation ecosystem (Jodhpur City Innovation Cluster, IITJ Tech Park, IITJ ICPS-TIH on Computer Vision & AR/VR)

EoI for Startups/Incubates at Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC), Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

Expression of Interest (EoI) is invited from the budding entrepreneurs to apply to the Technology Innovation & Startup Center (TISC) at IITJ for physical incubation. We aim to focus on incubation support to innovative startups. We are open to exploring ideas in all fields of Science & Technology and will be happy to evaluate the business plan. This is a rolling advertisement and applications are welcomed throughout the year. All received applications will be screened periodically. Visit Advertisement

Already incubating at TISC

  • Generic IoT Infrastructure (GIoTI): Mr. Suresh Dahiya | Student-led startup
  • Indigenous alcohol breath analyzer for prevention of drink and driving case: Dr. Saakshi Dhanekar | Faculty under BIRAC awarded BIG project
  • DependableVision.AI: Prof. Mayank Vatsa | Faculty and Students-led startup
Beside those listed above, 12 startup ideas are under active consideration at Ministry of MSME Govt. of India and 7 startup ideas are being considered at the 16th Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Call from Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Govt. of India

Additional Ecosystem

Jodhpur City Knowledge and Innovation Cluster
IIT Jodhpur leads one of the clusters from six cities — Jodhpur, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad — chosen to be developed as City Knowledge and Innovation Clusters. The project is led by the office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA), Govt. of India. This cluster will provide a connect between the existing research and knowledge setups at the nearby institutions and various industries that exist in the city Jodhpur in particular and Rajasthan state in general. Accordingly, to support medical based technology startups/companies, IIT Jodhpur in association with AIIMS, Jaipur and other nearby institution and industries are already working together to strengthen the prominent medical-technology based industries in the region.
Sirohi Model Pilot Project
IIT Jodhpur is leading and developing a unique model for exponential growth of Aspirational Districts, using latest and appropriate technologies as well as process management interventions (Partners: IIT Jodhpur, CSIR-IGIB New Delhi, CSIR-CEERI Pilani, AIIMS Jodhpur, DMRC Jodhpur, ICAR-CAZRI Jodhpur, ICAR-ATARI Jodhpur & Agriculture University, Jodhpur)
Technology Innovation Hub (TIH)

For further details related to TISC, its vision, mission, application form, eligibility and selection criteria of incubates, entry guidelines, exit guidelines, services offered at the incubation unit, etc., please visit our website and check out the rolling advertisement in the Announcement section.

Ram Prakash

Ram Prakash

Faculty-in-charge, TISC
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Department of Physics