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Sports & Games Society
Sports & Games produce remarkable athletes, and can nurture humble human beings, who have internalised:
(1) The grace of learning to face victory with humility and defeat with grace; and
(2)  The force multiplier effect of teamwork.
The Sports & Games Society has been formed with an intent to promote this spirit, by providing to the campus community facilities for sports & games. This Society aims to inculcate this as essential part of every student's life.
This society deals with all the sports (formal physical activities carried out under an agreed set of formal rules with the intent of competition, self-enjoyment or a combination of these intents) and games (informal physical activities carried out under a mutually agreed set of informal rules with the intent of recreation) at the Institute level. It is headed by the Student Secretary (Sports & Games Society), and its membership consists of:
(i) Captains of all Institute Teams of the various Sports and Games; and
(ii)  Hostel Secretary (Sports & Games Society) of all the Hostels.
The Sports & Games Society of IIT Jodhpur Students Gymkhana formally adopts all Student Sports & Games, which are included in the annual Inter-IIT Students Sports Meet. These sports include Aquatics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bridge, Chess, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Kabaddi, Lawn Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Weightlifting.

Contact details of the current Secretary, Sports & Games Society are:
 Arpit Kumar
 Secretary, Sports & Games Society

 eMail:  sgs@iitj.ac.in