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Student Counseling Service
The Student Counseling Service is an integral part of IIT Jodhpur since its inception in  2008; where students, staff and expert work together for the wellbeing of student.The dedicated team of student volunteers strive to facilitate new student’s familiarity with In-house systems and facilities, so as to ensure that he/she benefits from available avenues and realizes the potential to the maximum.
This service presents an opportunity for everyone to avail expert consultation for any   personal/emotional concern, which is bothering or distressing. The confidentiality of counseling interaction between student & counselors, as well as the identity of the student is keenly maintained except in the rare Circumstances*.This makes students feel safe and encouraged to discuss the issues without hesitation. Counseling can also be availed for positive emotional growth for oneself.
What is Counseling
Counseling is an interaction with your counselor that is voluntary and confidential. You may engage in a dialogue or discussion with the counselor. The counselor works with you on the basis of trust in what you say, rather than interrogation, guessing or mind reading. The aim is to help you feel confident and help yourself by facilitating a neutral, supportive and non threatening environment.Counseling can be availed for positive emotional growth also, where you have no problems as such but desire for breaking the ceiling and reaching higher levels of maturity, motivation and achievement.
(*Rare Circumstances  such as a possible threat to life and limb of student and others, threat to property     or to institution in any form and/or legal requirements as per the Law of the land.)
Counseling Services
 Student Counseling Service provides the following services to the students:
(1) Individual Counseling  and Peer self help groups  for coping with issues related to homesickness, anxiety, depression, mood swings and interpersonal relationships etc.
(2) Organizing lectures and trainings on- Career counseling, Stress management,Time management, Health care and Hygiene and life skills training etc.
(3) Institute level workshops on basic counseling skills for students and organizing events for encouraging interaction among students of different years, and staff and faculty members.
In addition to this, counseling services also organizes Orientation Program for new students to acquaint them with the Institute.
How to avail personal counseling session:
There are designated counseling team members, most of them being your seniors and trained to talk to you. As per the need and nature of the problem, IITJodhpur  counseling team has resident Well Being Moderators as well as senior psychologist available for expert counseling help. Contacting them personally/ telephonically or on internal e-mail is easy and simple. Please use the following contact details as per your need.