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Campus Life Society
Campus Fraternity of students needs to build the personal side of students of life, beyond the purpose of building academic side of life at the Institute. Each student is expected to internalise issues associated with:
(1) The basic needs of shelter and food; and
(2)  The safety, health and hygiene.
To provide a platform to students to get real-life experiences and to improve quality of holistic life of students on campus, the Campus Life Society was formed. Also, Students Gymkhana and Students Regatta of IIT Jodhpur actively help in providing the needed interactions and experiences to be able to make considered decision to choose and prepare for a career after graduating from the Institute. The Student Campus Life Society actively works with the Office of Students of the Institute.
This society deals with with all the student campus life related activities at the Institute level. It shall be headed by the Student Secretary (Campus Life Society), and its membership consists of:
(i) Captains of all Institute Clubs of the various student Campus Life related activities;
(ii)  Hostel Secretaries (Campus Life Society) of all the Hostels;
(iii) Faculty Member Mentors;
(iv) Staff Member Mentors; and
(v) Senior Student Mentors.
The Campus Life Society of IIT Jodhpur Students Gymkhana formally adopts all Student Campus Fraternity activities at the Institute, including Student Legacy Activities, Student City Tourist Services, Student Dining Services, Student Informal Events, Student Picnics and Social Service Activities as a Club each.

Contact details of the current Secretary, Campus Life Society are:
 Raushan Kapoor
Secretary, Campus Life Society

eMail:  clifes@iitj.ac.in