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Academics and Co-Curricular Activity Council


Academics and Co-curricular Activity Council(ACAC) is aim to develop soft skills and hard skill among all the students. It majorly deals with all academics and Co-curricular activities of Students on the campus.  ACAC aims for the holistic development of students who will not only be passionate about the scientific and technological development of the nation but will also be compassionate about various social issues. It provides a platform for organizing themselves, undertake self-governance, and organizing creative activities for the all-rounded mental, physical, social and cultural growth of students.

ACAC constitutes of 5 boards and 1 Independent Society, These are:  

  1. Board of Academic Interaction (BAI)
  2. Board of Co-Curricular Affairs (BCCA)
  3. Board of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BIE)
  4. Board of Departmental Societies (BDS) 
  5. Board of Career Development (BCD)
  6. Society for Alumni Affairs (SAA)

Office Bearers 

Lokesh Panwar

General Secretary(ACAC)

Email: gensecy_acac@iitj.ac.in


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