IIT Jodhpur





Arun Kumar R (Coordinator)

  Mechanical Engineering         Research Area: Confined Jets, Shock Wave Reflection and Transitions, Ejector Flows.


  Arun Kumar Singh   Electrical Engineering     Research Area: Communication Theory, Wireless, Mobile Communications, Satellite-based Navigation Systems Spread Spectrum Systems.


  Sampat Raj Vadera   Physics     Research Area: Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Stealth Materials, Stealth Technology.


  Anand Krishnan Plappally   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Water, Water Management, and Characterization of Engineered Materials. 


  Mahesh Kumar   Electrical Engineering     Research Area: Group III-V quantum structures by MBE, Growth of thin films and nanostructures, Group III-nitride alloys for LEDs, HEMTs, and photovoltaic applications, Inorganic-Inorganic hybrid structures with special attention to band gap engineering, Si and wide band gap semiconductors for MEMS, Micro and Nanodevice fabrications.


  Ankur Gupta   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Microsystems Fabrication.


  Reetanjali Moharana   Physics     Research Area: Astroparticle Physics, High Energy Cosmic rays, Gamma rays, and Neutrinos.


  Sudipto Mukhopadhyay   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Energy Technology, Combustion Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent flows, Sprays. 


  Angan Sengupta   Chemical Engineering     Research Area: Molecular Modelling & Simulation; Theoretical Material Design; Carbon dioxide Capture; Hydrogen Storage; Water Treatment; Fuel Cell; Thermodynamic Studies; Continuum Modelling & Simulation; Fire and Explosion Modelling; Steady and Transient State Modelling; Safety Modelling; Process Modelling; Transport Processes. 


  Anoop Jain   Electrical Engineering     Research Area: Cooperative Control; Multi-Agent Systems; Formation Control; Nonlinear Control; Event-Triggered Control, Cyber-Physical Systems.


  Nipun Arora   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Flapping wing aerodynamics; Fluid-structure interaction; CFD with Lattice Boltzmann method; Turbulence and moving boundary simulations; High-performance computing; Electrorheological Fluids. 


  Ashish Pathak   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Fluid-Structure Interaction; Ocean Energy; Phase-Change Problems; Multiphase flows; High-Performance Computing. 


  Barun Pratiher   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Dynamics of Machines and Structures, Flexible Robots, MEMS, Rotor Dynamics, Nonlinear Oscillations. 


  Prashant Kumar   Chemical Engineering     Research Area: Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices (Lithium, Sodium and Zinc Ion Battery), Electrocatalysis (HER, OER, CER, and Electrochemical CO2 Reduction), and Electrochemical Biosensors.


  Jayant Kumar Mohanta   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Planar Parallel manipulators; Lower limb rehabilitation robots; Medical robotics; Robot manipulator kinematic and dynamic control, Mechanism design, and Analysis. 


   Gaurav Kumar   School of Management & Entrepreneurship     Research Area: Financial Management.   


  Nirmalya Bachhar   Chemical Engineering     Research Area: Nanomaterials; polymer nanocomposite; self-assembly.


  Rahul Chhibber   Mechanical Engineering     Research Area: Welding and joining, Manufacturing and materials processing, Mechanical behaviour of materials. 


Ph.D. Students:


Nipun Sharma
Research Areas: Design and Fabrication of AlGaN/GaN HEMT for heavy metal ion sensing.
Supervisors: Dr. Mahesh Kumar & Dr. Ankur Gupta.


Himanchal Bhardwaj
Research Areas: Remote Sensing and GIS.
Supervisors: Dr. Anand K Plappally & Dr. M. V. Ravibabu (NIRD & PR).


Shailesh Kumar Singh
Research Areas: Propulsion system for Micro-satellite.
Supervisors: Dr. Arun Kumar R & Dr. Ram Prakash.


Vikas Pandey
Research Areas: Gas sensors and HEMT.
Supervisors: Dr. Mahesh Kumar & Dr. Ankur Gupta.


Anupam Kumari
Research Areas: Conducting Yarn-Based Wearable Sensors for Onboard Space Applications.
Supervisors: Dr. Ajay Agarwal & Dr. Angan Sengupta.