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  1. PhD in Smart healthcare
  2. Master’s, PhD and Master’s-PhD dual degree Programs in Medical Technologies offered Jointly by IIT Jodhpur & AIIMS Jodhpur

The Master’s, Master’s-PhD and PhD program in Medical technologies proposed jointly by IITJ and AIIMS Jodhpur aims to provide a common platform for doctors and engineers fostering knowledge sharing and innovation leading to development of indigenous healthcare devices and systems through the process of incubation and entrepreneurship. This program has been designed to be open and will evolve to create a synergy between skill sets of technologists and medical practitioners. This will also create a unique collaborative platform that integrates technology and medicine to solve problems in human health and encourage entrepreneurship in healthcare technologies. The program seeks highly motivated professionals having a distinct flair for interdisciplinary research, innovation and carries it forward to set up startups and industry in the healthcare sector.   The program offers an equal number of seats to medical and engineering graduates and coursework offered jointly by IITJ and AIIMS Jodhpur. The course work is followed by a project enabling creation of futuristic device/process/product/protocol.

Program Details

Teaching-learning process for Medical Technologies program


Watchout for updates.


Watchout for updates.