School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur

How it all began…………

When presented with an opportunity to develop our college website, an enthusiastic team of 9 students and a faculty guide from different parts of the country connected digitally to contribute towards a fundamental building block of our institute’s identity.

It all started with a desire to contribute to our school and 32 days & many sleepless nights later, our collective vision of revamping our website finally saw the light of day. Overcoming the challenges of working remotely, we not only developed the first version of the website but also enhanced our knowledge, understanding, & cooperation; thereby creating bonds that shall last for a lifetime.

We hope you will love exploring the website as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

The Squad

  • Dr.Akanksha Choudhary - The Brain Child
  • Abhinav - The Integrator
  • Anuj - The Artist
  • Kartikeya - The Allrounder
  • Lakhan - The rock wall of knowledge
  • Nidra - The Word Guru
  • Sheryl - Ms. Perfectionist
  • Shubham - The Stimulator
  • Siddharth - The Unifier
  • Vivek - Mr. Fix-It-All
  • Anshul - Mr. Techie

Abhinav Kumar Singh

Website Development Team
Aviral Adbhut Atulya-Abhinav constantly works to do remarkable things to make something incredible.

Anuj Anil Narkhede

Design Team
Anuj is an ambitious,dedicated,and hardworking individual. He is ready to learn new skills and put extra effort to get things done.

Kartikeya Kaushik

Content Team
Kartikeya is passionate about marketing & sustainability. He enjoys trekking, photography and playing golf.

Lakhan Pal Bhadana

Website Development Team
Lakhan has experience working as a DevOps engineer who enjoys coming up with solutions to reduce human effort. He is also interested in advertising, marketing, and human psychology.

Nidra Chakraborty

Content Team
Nidra has work experience in pharma consulting and possesses an unflinching desire not just to survive but thrive in changing environment.

Sheryl Dsouza

Content Team
Sheryl is a go-getter with strong interpersonal skills and is always looking for creativity in crafting solutions.Aims for perfection.

Shubham Rawat

Website Development Team
Shubham is an IT professional with experience in delivering technology driven solutions to his clients. He is a keen learner, interested in the fields of analytics and product management.

Siddharth Naman

Website Development Team
Siddharth is Computer Science & Engineering Graduate and has keen interests in the field of IT and analytics.

Vivek Pandey

Website Development Team
Vivek is a Computer Science & Engineering Graduate.His interests include Analytics , Marketing,and Data-Visualization.

Anshul Singh

Website Development Team
Anshul Singh is a Computer Science & Engineering Graduate and IIT Bombay post-graduate. He is proficient in Analytics, IT and Digital Marketing.