School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur

Minor Programs

The undergraduate students at IITJ are offered minor programs to complement their Majors. The minor program must be completed simultaneously with a major degree program.

Engineering and Management complement each other in various ways. While an engineering degree would equip one with the necessary technical expertise, management knowledge provides the analytics frame to leverage those skills strategically. In the age of Industry 4.0, where technology has become an integral part of every organization and business, technical and managerial skills have become almost inseparable. It is often that engineering graduates with a few years of corporate experience opt for a management degree to prepare themselves for this demand. The minor in management program is designed to prepare future leaders who could significantly contribute to the contemporary tech ecosystem during their engineering coursework. In these programs, one acquires 20 credits over a specified period to earn minors in Management. The total credit size is distributed between compulsory and elective courses. While the student goes through four compulsory courses earning eight credits, the rest of the twelve credits come from close to two dozen electives offered across the functional areas (Entrepreneurship, Finance, Operational Management, Human Capital, Marketing, and Strategy).

Modern scholarship perceives entrepreneurship as the answer for job creation, economic growth, and optimal resource utilization. Entrepreneurship involves individual creativity, financial resources, technical know-how, continual innovation, technology adoption, and social exploration. The 'Minor in Entrepreneurship' is customized to the specific requirements of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) students at IIT Jodhpur. A combination of technical know-how and deep insights on entrepreneurship can prepare a B.Tech student to embark upon an entrepreneurship journey. The courses offered in this Minor attempt to achieve two broad objectives; (1) Impart insights on practices in entrepreneurship with hands-on exercises, and (2) Develop skills to build a scalable venture. The program encompasses seven courses, and the student acquires twenty credits over a specified period to earn this minor in entrepreneurship. While the five courses (8 credits) involve classroom engagement, the other two courses (12 credits) are projects. These projects (Business Plan I [4 credits] & Business Plan II [8 credits]) are expected to give a complete blueprint of new business by the end of the program.

Minors in Entrepreneurship Courses:

  • Starting Up a new Venture
  • Ideation & Prototyping
  • New Venture Financing
  • Business Plan Phase-I
  • Business Plan Phase–II
  • IPR & Legal Issues for Start-ups
  • Systems Engineering and Project Management

Minor program students may proceed to pursue M.Tech. (Entrepreneurship) or MBA Technology/MBA as mentioned in Dual Degree program.