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The MBA program at SME, IIT Jodhpur is a full time residential program of two years. As the program requires many group projects, assignments and activities, it is compulsory for students to stay in the campus.

The application form is open after the CAT results are declared. Candidates need to fill an online application form available on the Institute’s website.

For Indian applicants, a valid CAT score is considered. For International applicants, a valid GMAT/GRE & TOEFL/IELTS scores are considered.

The cut-off is decided based upon the number of applications received.

For the Batch 2021-23, Institute has decided not to conduct PI. Instead, shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit a recorded short video introduction of themselves. Parameters for initial short-listing and final selection are given in the selection procedure section under admissions tab on SME’s website.

Initial shortlisting of candidates will be based on the overall CAT percentile (along with other parameters e.g. academic profile, work ex. etc). There is no minimum sectional cutoff

A Consolidated Merit List (CML) would be prepared on the basis of various parameters. Please refer the MBA Admissions - Selection Procedure page for parameters and their corresponding weights. A final list of selected and waitlisted candidates will be released based on CML.

To promote gender diversity, a weightage of 5 percent will be awarded to female candidates in the selection process.

There is no such mandatory requirement of minimum work experience to apply for admission, but having work experience will have an extra weightage while initial short-listing and preparing Consolidated Merit List (CML) for the final selection.

No, the admission process for MBA and Tech-MBA remains the same. But to be eligible for Tech-MBA the candidate should satisfy certain prerequisites in terms of educational background in graduation degree i.e. bachelor degree in any branch of Engineering, Computers Applications, Economics, Operations Research, Mathematics, and Statistics or similar is required.

No, part-time jobs or internships will not be considered as work experience.

As long as the company is a registered entity and you can produce a valid appointment letter / proof of employment letter or salary credit proof, it will be counted as valid work experience.

Achievements in extracurricular activities have a weightage of 5% for initial short-listing as well as while preparing Consolidated Merit List (CML) for final selection.

Yes, it is a residential program and hostel facilities are available. All students of the MBA program are required to stay in the campus. The institute provides state-of-the-art hostel facilities to all the candidates enrolled in the MBA program.

Accommodation will be provided to all the MBA students. Each student is allotted a room with a table, chair, cupboard and a bed. All rooms are provided with internet facilities. However, at present the rooms are allotted on a sharing basis until further notice. .

Details for the same will be provided in the fee structure which will be shared with you after selection. Those who accept the offer, have to pay the first semester fees to confirm their admission.

Hostel and mess fee in NOT included in the MBA program fee. These need to be paid separately. The details of the hostel and mess charges will be send in admission offer letter along with the fee structure to the selected candidates. Along with hostel and mess charges, students are required to pay some institute overhead charges, e.g. semester fee, etc.

Educational loans are available from the leading banks.

For withdrawal of admission, normally a week’s time is given after the acceptance of the admission offer.
If a candidate wants to withdraw his/her seat before the given deadline, he/she will be refunded the balance amount of the paid fees after deducting processing charges of Rs. 5,000. But, if one decides to withdraw after the deadline is over, he/she will be refunded only the “refundable” component of the paid fees (refer fees structure for the same).

The refund process takes atleast two weeks, i.e. 14 working days after the intimation of withdrawal is received by the SME, IIT Jodhpur.

No. All the details provided at the time of filling the admission application form will only be considered for further processing.

Yes, there are following scholarships available to the students.

  1. Based on the academic performance of students in every semester, top 10 students on the basis of GPA score above 7.5 will be awarded scholarships of Rs. 25,000 each in every semester
  2. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for the EWS candidates: For the batch 2021-23, based on their academic performance, top 3 EWS candidates will be awarded scholarships of Rs. 25,000, Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 10,000 every semester based on the GPA score above 7.5 in that semester.

80. Please refer to the “Intake” section for further breakup.

The campus has state-of-the-art technical education facilities, sports facilities, transport facilities, healthcare facilities and various other facilities. The campus provides a wholesome and an all-round development of the students. Please visit the following link to know more about the same

Most of the business schools in the country offer typical MBA programs. SME at IIT Jodhpur offers MBA programs with differences specialization in tech-MBA.
It remains a two-year program, where first-year will be devoted to foundation courses and the full second year will be available to earn specialization into cutting edge areas. The school offers specializations in two directions - in traditional areas to earn a regular MBA degree, while tech courses to earn Tech-MBA degree. Two tracks of specializations will go in parallel in the second year.
Track-1 will lead to Tech specialization with a concentration of courses covering cutting edge digital technology viz. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Social Media, Big Data, and Business Analytics, etc.
Track-2 will lead to a General MBA (offering electives in Operations, Finance, Marketing, HR & Strategy in 2nd year of the program)
Track-1 is available only to the bachelor degree holders in any branch of Engineering, Computers Applications, Economics, Operations Research, Mathematics, and Statistics or similar.
Please visit the MBA program curriculum page to know more about it.

Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering, Computers Applications, Economics, Operations Research, Mathematics, and Statistics or similar are eligible for Tech-MBA. Some knowledge about programming and coding is appreciated.

The school provides equal emphasis and equal exposure to the candidates of both the tracks of specialization. Students go by their interests and decide for a regular MBA or Tech-MBA. With the emergence of new age companies requiring different kinds of skill-sets in changing technological environment, Tech-MBA has gained popularity across the globe in recent times. Ultimately, it is a decision to be made by candidates based on their interest, aptitude and also educational qualification requirement for opting Tech-MBA.

It is a two-year program, where first-year will be devoted to foundation courses and the elective courses will be available in all functional areas in second year. MBA requires total 72 credit of course work distributed across two years.

Providing International exposure is one of the differentiating features of the MBA program at SME, IIT Jodhpur. Interested students get a chance to spend a significant amount of time studying in an international environment. There are following types of international exposure provided to the students (with certain criteria and conditions):

  1. SME, IIT Jodhpur is working towards having a student exchange program that will allow students to spend a term/semester in a Business School abroad and take courses there under a credit transfer agreement.
  2. The student will have an option to spend their entire second year in a foreign university and earn a dual degree. SME, IIT Jodhpur has finalized the agreements with three foreign universities. All expenses in this regard (tuition fee of the foreign Business School under agreement + living cost + visa + insurance + travel cost), have to be borne by the student.
  3. .

The full cost for the dual degree program, i.e. tuition fee, living fee, travel, health insurance, visa etc., to be borne by the student.

There would be no direct financial aid provided by SME. However, the tuition fee at the international partner school would be significantly discounted by the foreign collaborating universities due to having partnership between the international schools with SME, IIT Jodhpur.

Yes. To be eligible to receive dual degree, full 2 year tuition fee for MBA program to be paid at SME IIT Jodhpur.

Yes, you will be allowed to sit for the placement process of the foreign institutes subject to the rules and regulations of the foreign university and laws of that particular country. SME, IIT Jodhpur does not restrict students from our end.

They will be allowed provided the concerned recruiters are ready to consider and agree to conduct the selection process online.

There is no set limit. However, it will vary from year to year and students will be selected primarily based on the academic performance at SME and consistent past academic record.

Students will be taught the technical subjects, their usage and their applications in depth as well as they may be encouraged to implement these learnings in live projects, internships and regular assessments to develop a holistic learning. Students who want to pursue Tech-MBA can expect this type of pedagogy. Some courses such as ML, Deep Learning etc. may require some programming skills. Regular MBA candidates will generally not require to do any coding or programming unless they specifically opt for such course voluntarily from other departments of IIT Jodhpur.

Yes, the institute allows up to 10 credit of elective courses, i.e. ‘open elective courses’ which can be taken from other departments of IIT Jodhpur.